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Transcribed, translated, synthesized audio & video.
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MemoAI is an AI-powered transcription tool that allows users to convert audio and video files into text quickly and easily. It supports various types of content, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and local media files.

With MemoAI, users can transform speech into written transcripts, making it ideal for tasks such as creating subtitles and taking notes.One of the key features of MemoAI is its multi-language support, enabling users to transcribe and translate between Chinese, English, Japanese, and over 90 other languages.

The tool also offers speech synthesis capabilities, allowing users to convert text into spoken words.MemoAI provides additional functionalities to enhance the transcription process.

Users can display floating pop-up notes highlighting key points while the audio plays, and they can also view real-time subtitles synchronized with the audio playback.The tool supports a wide range of media file formats, including MP4, MP3, AAC, and M4A.

It offers options to segment and clip audio for more targeted transcription, and users can customize the prompts of the AI assistant for personalized responses.

MemoAI also features AI summarization, which generates intelligent summaries of transcripts using advanced AI technology.The tool is available as a beautiful and user-friendly Windows application and works on both Windows and macOS platforms.

It ensures data security and privacy by keeping all processing completely offline on the user's device. MemoAI offers a beta program for users to try the tool for free.


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