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Accurate lecture and speech transcription.
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Memos AI is a tool that enables users to record notes using accurate transcriptions, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), on any device. It is particularly helpful for recording lectures and generating a precise transcript of the spoken content.

Key features of Memos AI include recording notes with highly accurate speech-to-text conversion, which can be further enhanced with more accurate transcriptions available for a monthly subscription fee.

The tool also provides summaries of notes, making it ideal for capturing important points during lectures. Users can ask questions about specific notes and receive answers from GPT3, an AI language model.

Additionally, Memos AI offers translation functionality, enabling notes to be converted into almost any language.The tool also allows users to convert their notes into email drafts using GPT3 and provides the option to have a note read back with an AI-generated voice.

Memos AI offers a range of useful functionalities for note-taking and transcription, making it a versatile tool for individuals who need accurate transcriptions and additional features to enhance their note-taking experience.


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Pros and Cons


Accurate speech-to-text conversion
Summarizes notes
Answers questions via GPT3
Translation functionality
Converts notes into emails
Captures whiteboard images
Optimized for larger screens
Fast note loading
Supports multiple devices
Updated design
Available on Microsoft Store


Subscription needed for accuracy
Doesn't support multiple languages
No API for integration
Not open-sourced
Unknown data security policy
Exclusive to Microsoft Store
Limited platform compatibility
Lacks user reviews
No image to text conversion

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