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Voice call AI clones of any personality
Generated by ChatGPT

Voice chat with AI clones of Influential personalities in super realistic voices! Engage in endless, interactive conversations. Perfect for entertainment, learning and motivation.

First voice call is free for new users!

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Feb 11, 2024
It's a shame tim Dillon's voice isn't perfect :/ Other than that, super fun!

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Pros and Cons


Interactive dialogue experience
Personality simulation
Realistic voice replication
Authentic conversation recreations
Personalized dialogue
Usage tracking system
Flexible payment by usage
Facilitates educational discussions
Allows exploration of interests
Immersive auditory environment
Ideal for personal heroes engagement
Flexible learning and entertainment
More accessible authentic connections
Can emulate lifelike exchanges
Can enhance interaction with interests
Helps in seeking advice from personalities
Payment based on weekly usage


Limited to voice-call format
No text-based interactions
May not effectively replicate voices
Personality matching may be inaccurate
Reliant on user's interest alignment
Potentially time-consuming dialogue
May lack diverse personality roster
Flexible payment could get expensive
Usage tracking may impact privacy
Unclear data sourcing for personalities


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Can I use MeslAI for education and learning?
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Does MeslAI provide an auditory experience?
Is MeslAI available for free?
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How broad is the range of topics for conversation in MeslAI?
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Can MeslAI connect me with influential politicians?
Can I ask questions or seek advice from renowned thinkers on MeslAI?
Is there a demo available for MeslAI?
How do I get started with MeslAI?
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