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Get your own Large Language Models and Conversational AI based on your data.
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MetaDialog is an AI-based tool focused on providing conversational interfaces for businesses. It leverages Large Language Models to offer customized AI solutions, which can be deployed even on-premises.

This ensures data privacy and compliance, making it ideal for businesses prioritizing data security. The tool features two primary products, namely, SMB AI Support Platform and Enterprise AI Support Platform.

The SMB AI Support Platform is designed to automate customer support conversations, providing secure, multilingual AI support that smoothly integrates into existing customer support software systems.

The Enterprise AI Support Platform, on the other hand, is geared toward integrating Generative AI into regular business processes, offering fully customizable, scalable solutions.

A distinguishing feature of MetaDialog is its provision to create Custom Large Language Models. This functionality allows for the quick and cost-effective deployment of secure, private, and compliant language models, underlining the company's commitment to data control and privacy.

The models are trained with up-to-date knowledge, ensuring immediate responses. The tool also provides advanced searching capabilities and precise, compliant responses via its cutting-edge language models.


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Pros and Cons


Supports on-premises deployment
Prioritizes data privacy
Complies with data security
Automates customer support conversations
Provides multilingual support
Integrates with existing support software
Delivers customizable, scalable solutions
Creates Custom Large Language Models
Enables quick deployment of models
Ensures up-to-date knowledge in models
Delivers immediate responses
Supports advanced searching capabilities
Provides precise, compliant responses
Caters to various industries
Offers integrations
Maximizes data control
Adapts to your data
Response time under 1 hour
Provides best-in-class language models
Features data privacy-first approach
Nameable Large Language Models
Customizable services
Compliant with internal company policy
Can be installed fully on-premises
Fast and cost-effective deployment
87% customer support automation
Enhanced customer satisfaction
Saves implementation time and expenditure
Variety of case studies provided
Can work with government data
Supports APIs, databases, CRMs
Can handle large parameters
Models trained with up-to-date knowledge
Advanced than GPT 3.5 model
Competitive with GPT 4 model
Quick resolution of customer support
Chatbot trials available
Compliant with GDPR regulations


Complex customization requirements
Possible scalability issues
Training needs up-to-date data
Limited to business use
Limited language models mentioned
Doesn't emphasize user-friendliness
Pricing information not clear
Limited support for languages
May need technical guidance
On-premises deployment complexity


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