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Web search engine with natural language processing.
Generated by ChatGPT

Metaphor is an AI search engine that is powered by a language model. It is designed to understand language in a more expressive and creative way than traditional web search engines.

Users can type in a “prompt”, which is similar to a GPT-3 prompt, and Metaphor will try and predict the link that is most likely to come after. To help users get familiar with the search engine, some templates are included to try out.

Metaphor is trained to predict links instead of text, and can provide a variety of results such as blog posts, wikipedia pages, directories of resources, demos, startups, books, papers, and more.

It is particularly useful for finding resources related to AI, such as programming languages and classic AI algorithms. It can also provide music recommendations and other creative and interesting results.


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Metaphor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Predicts links not text
Trained on diverse resources
Capability to provide recommendations
Understand expressive language inputs
Able to predict variety of results
Flexible with language models
Can generate resource directories
Inclusive of creative results
Helpful prompts included
User-initiated search capability
Conducive to template-guided browsing
Providing startup-based search results
Understands GPT-3 prompts
Personalized search prompts
Designed for complex query inputs
Specialized queries for physicist profiles
Search results including blog suggestions
Supports research paper predictions
Skillful in identifying instructional resources
Educational resource finding ability
Advanced resource prediction capabilities
Discord integration for sign in
Expression of search query variety


Limited to links prediction
May not understand complex queries
Dependent on included templates
Potential bias towards certain resources
Predictive accuracy may vary
Cannot generate non-web content
required via discord
No customization controls
Dependent on JavaScript enabled


How does Metaphor differ from traditional search engines?
What is the language model that powers Metaphor?
What type of results can Metaphor provide?
How do I use a prompt in Metaphor?
What type of content can Metaphor help me find?
Can Metaphor recommend music?
What is the advantage of Metaphor for AI-related research?
How does Metaphor understand language?
Why does Metaphor predict links instead of text?
What are the Metaphor's templates for?
How does Metaphor cater to creative searches?
Why do I need to sign in with Discord to use Metaphor?
Can Metaphor help me find resources for learning philosophy?
How does Metaphor help in finding blog posts or papers?
Can Metaphor provide me with website or startup recommendations?
Can Metaphor help me find a book based on a conversation?
Can Metaphor assist in finding resources for complex topics like quantum mechanics?
Does Metaphor have a feature to recommend popular blogs?
How does Metaphor handle requests for explanations of complex algorithms?
Can Metaphor suggest books on specific learning topics, like drawing or the history of the American economy?

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