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Anonymous and pay-as-you-go generative AI software
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Dalle-2 Image Generator is an anonymous, pay-as-you-go, generative AI software tool. Developed as part of the deprecated project, it is designed to create unique visuals from a user's input.

The software originates from the concept of generative AI, a subtype of artificial intelligence that uses models to generate new, previously unseen content.

With Dalle-2 Image Generator, users are prompted to 'type something you won't find online', encouraging the pursuit of original and novel AI-generated imagery.

While the project is no longer active, updates regarding this tool and related projects can be followed on the Twitter accounts of developers Dillion Verma and Haseab Amin.

In terms of usage, there are two options featured: a paid version named 'Dalle' and a free alternative known as 'Non Dalle'. This tool showcases the potential of generative AI and its application within the visual and artistic domains.

micro Dalle-2 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Pay-as-you-go model
Generates unique visuals
Bulk purchase available
Public roadmap provided
Features status page
Includes privacy policy
Vercel powered software
Designed for original content
Deprecated project updates through Twitter
Developers' Twitter accounts linked
Paid and free versions branding
User-friendly interface
Designed for artists
Designed for visual domains
Invites unique user input


Depreciated project
Updates only via Twitter
Two versions may confuse users
Only generates new, unseen content
No active support
Non Dalle free limitations
Vercel dependency
Paid version 'Dalle' costs
No direct company contact


What is Dalle-2 Image Generator?
How does Dalle-2 Image Generator use AI to create unique visuals?
What is generative AI that Dalle-2 Image Generator is built on?
Can I use Dalle-2 Image Generator anonymously?
How is Dalle-2 Image Generator provided as a pay-as-you-go service?
Does Dalle-2 Image Generator work based on user's input?
Who are the developers behind Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Does Dalle-2 Image Generator offer a public roadmap?
What is the status page provided by Dalle-2 Image Generator for?
How can I stay updated about changes and improvements to the Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Can I purchase images created by Dalle-2 Image Generator in bulk?
Does Dalle-2 Image Generator have a privacy policy?
What is Vercel and how does it power Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Is Micropay still involved with Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Is there a difference between 'Dalle' and 'Non Dalle' options in Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Why should I type something that's not available online in Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Who are Dillion Verma and Haseab Amin mentioned in context of Dalle-2 Image Generator?
How can I contact the team behind Dalle-2 Image Generator?
Can Dalle-2 Image Generator be used as a tool for artistic purposes?
How can I learn to use Dalle-2 Image Generator?

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