Prompts 12 Feb 2023
Midjourney prompt generator
Prompt generation for art creation.

Generated by ChatGPT

The Midjourney Prompts Generator for Notion is a tool designed to enhance the quality of AI-generated art by providing clear and structured prompts. The tool utilizes AI-powered prompts, enabling users to produce stunning prompts with ease.

The generator allows users to quickly and easily generate unique prompts for their projects, saving time that would have been spent fussing over how to write the perfect prompt.

The prompts are structured and clear, enhancing the quality of the final output. The tool is available in both free and premium versions. The free version is a fully functional Notion widget containing a limited number of example inputs.

The premium version, however, unlocks limitless creativity, featuring hundreds of different inputs across ten categories for crafting the perfect Midjourney prompts.

The premium version also includes over 25 example prompts and is fully customizeable. Philipp Stelzel, the creator of the Midjourney Prompts Generator, is a digital product creator who has worked on multiple projects and is an expert in Notion, copywriting and AI-generated art.


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