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Miko Healthcare is a healthcare super-app that aims to revolutionize the way individuals engage with their health. By offering a quick and simple account registration process, Miko enables users to access its wide range of services effortlessly.

Specifically targeting users in Ireland, the app allows them to explore an extensive selection of healthcare products. It offers the convenience of ordering a prescription directly to their door.

Miko utilizes OpenAI technology to power its AI Conversations feature, which provides users with healthcare information based on the queries they input.

However, it is important to note that the Miko AI does not provide medical advice, perform diagnoses, or offer treatment recommendations. These tasks generally require a comprehensive assessment from a healthcare professional.

Therefore, the Miko AI should not be considered a substitute for a doctor or other medical expert. It is essential for users to understand that they should not take any action solely based on the information received from Miko's services, such as altering their medication without consulting a healthcare professional.


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Aug 31, 2023
Offer not well-developed. App download only possible in Ireland. Sign-in via browser not possible, as the link to the login page is not active.

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Pros and Cons


Quick account registration
Services accessible effortlessly
Extensive healthcare product selection
Prescription home delivery service
Targeted for Ireland users
No substitute for professionals
Promotes expert healthcare consultation
Doesn't make treatment recommendations
Doesn't perform medical diagnoses
Encourages proper medication management
Doesn't replace healthcare professionals


Does not diagnose
No treatment recommendations
Not a doctor substitute
Requires human consultation
No medication management
Limited to healthcare products
Medical advice disclaimer
Registration required


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