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Seamlessly replace faces in photos with AI technology.
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Face Swap is an AI-powered tool offered by MockoFun. It allows users to seamlessly replace faces in images with a simple three-step process. Users upload an image of the face they wish to use for replacement, select a body photo, and then proceed to initiate the face swap.

The tool enables creative customization and extensive possibilities when it comes to face swapping in photos. In addition to face swap, users can also modify their hair and clothing styles; the tool hosts presets as well as an option to upload custom images.

The face swapping service can be used for fun, picking from a range of celebrity or amusing photos, or for creating avatars from user photos, thereby transforming the look of individuals quickly and effortlessly.

Although the tool specializes in face swapping, MockoFun also offers several other AI tools including upscale image, enhance image, generate fill, expand image, and more.

Drawing upon advanced AI algorithms, the results delivered by MockoFun's Face Swap tool are realistic and produced quickly, providing entertaining face transformations.


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Pros and Cons


Three-step process
Creative customization
Can modify hair
Can modify clothing
Hosts presets
Option to upload custom images
For fun or avatars
Transforms looks quickly
Can use celebrity photos
Other image editing tools
Realistic results
Fast outcomes
Test Hairstyles feature
Amazing results fast
Gender Swap Filter
Body Swap Online
Generative Fill option
Removes Background
Upscale Image option
Enhances Image option
Expands Image option
Create avatars from photos
Male to female photo changer
Capture Facial Expressions
Super Fast Results
Realistic Face Swap
Requires High PC requirements
Free online tool
Free Face Swaps
Access to artificial intelligence
Useful for photo editing
MockoFun face swap examples
Celebrity Face Swap
Gender Swap
Baby Face Swap
Meme Face Swap
Movie Poster Face Swap
Replace outfit and hairstyle
One-click morph faces
Upload 2 images option
Put face on a picture
Crop face into picture
Generates funny memes


Limited free face swaps
Paid premium for more swaps
Lacks extensive editing features
Uploaded images not stored
No mobile app
Restricted custom image size
Not suited for professional use


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