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Tech interview simulator with live coding practice
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Mocktalk is an AI-powered tool designed to help job seekers prepare for job interviews with a focus on the tech industry. It offers real-time voice recognition, speech transcription, and intelligent responses to simulate an authentic interview experience.

Users can practice both behavioral and technical interview segments using the tool. One of the key features of Mocktalk is its built-in compiler, which supports programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++.

This allows software engineers and developers to practice programming problems during their interview preparation. Mocktalk also provides transcribed audio of the interviewer speaking in real-time, enabling users to listen and respond as they would in an actual interview.

The tool is beneficial for various users, including students preparing for internships, healthcare professionals looking to transition to different careers, and software engineers who want to keep their interviewing skills sharp.

The mission of Mocktalk is to optimize and streamline the mock interview experience for job seekers, specifically in the tech industry. By incorporating an interactive chatbot, they aim to address the common challenge of preparing for tech-industry job interviews.

The tool allows users to tailor their interview preparation according to their specific requirements. Mocktalk aims to accurately simulate real practice scenarios and capture the authentic experience of an actual job interview.

It emphasizes the importance of perfect practice rather than just practice. Interested users can sign up for beta access to the tool on their website.


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