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eCommerce retention through personalized automation.
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Moda is an AI-powered growth platform primarily intended for eCommerce businesses. The tool offers a suite of features that aim to level up retention marketing, including email and SMS automation, popups and forms, smart segments, and analytics.

Moda integrates with Shopify to leverage real-time data, allowing businesses to provide customers with an exceptional experience.Moda's smart emails enable businesses to send hyper-personalized emails at scale, while the smart SMS feature makes it easy to send targeted messages that convert.

The popups and forms feature allows businesses to grow their audience and drive sales. Moda also offers ready-made pre- and post-purchase automations, making it easier to retain customers with actionable segments.

The analytics feature provides real-time insights, helping businesses make better decisions.The tool supports WhatsApp marketing for eCommerce, allowing users to reach customers where they are.

Moda also offers an extensive resource library, including a blog, help center, partner program, events, eCom glossary, and app library, aimed at accelerating eCommerce growth journeys.Moda aims to drive revenue from owned channels, increase conversions with personalization, and speed up marketing workflows by 70%.

The platform provides an all-in-one growth solution that integrates with over 100 customer touchpoints, collects data with forms, and connects with top eCommerce apps.

The platform's easy-to-use interface supports drag-n-drop customization, which can help businesses easily create and customize emails, initiatives, and automations.


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Moda was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Email and SMS automation
Real-time data integration
Shopify integration
Hyper-personalized emails
Smart segments
Real-time analytics
WhatsApp marketing support
Resource library
Drag-n-drop customization
Over 100 customer touchpoints
Increases marketing workflow speed
One-click retention playbooks
Personalization at scale
All-in-one growth solution
Supports no-code customization
Ready-made automations
eCommerce apps connection
Real-time customer data
Ready-to-use RFM segments
Customizable segments
Event and property filters
Personalized product recommendations
Optimizable customer journeys
Omnichannel marketing attribution
Access to report templates
Customer data actionable segments
Automation for higher conversions
Forms and pop-ups feature
50+ eCommerce integrations
Real-time customer profiles
Accelerates eCommerce growth
Multiple templates selection
Proven retention playbooks
Affordable growth pricing
Supports email, SMS, forms
Omnichannel marketing revenue growth
Customer data collection forms
Saves time and money
Increases revenue by personalization
Custom journey creation
Drag-n-drop email builder
Real-time customer behaviours
Increases conversions by 3.5X
Marketing segmentation
Understands business metrics
SMS and WhatsApp marketing


Only integrates with Shopify
Lacks ad channels support
No native mobile application
Limited personalization features
Lacks depth in automation
Not user-friendly interface
Limited segmentation capabilities
No multi-language support
Extensive but complex resource library


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