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Music practice: mastering, separation, remixing.
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Moises App is an AI-powered music practice tool designed to help musicians of any skill level perfect their craft. It offers a wide range of features, including vocal removal, instrument separation, mastering tracks, and remixing songs.

Through its AI technology, it can detect and isolate vocals, allowing users to practice without the distraction of background music. It also offers a variety of other features such as the ability to separate instruments, enabling users to practice different parts of a song at the same time.

Additionally, Moises App offers mastering capabilities, allowing users to polish their recordings and ensure they sound as professional as possible. Finally, the app offers remixing capabilities, allowing users to add in their own creative touches to existing songs.

All of these features make Moises App an invaluable tool for any musician looking to improve their skills.


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May 13, 2024
you have to pay to do anything on this app

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Pros and Cons


Vocal removal feature
Instrument separation capability
Mastering tracks
Song remixing
Focus practice without vocals
Multiple parts practice
Polishing recordings
Adding personal touches


No collaboration feature
No multi-platform support
Possible audio quality loss
No offline mode
Limited music genre compatibility
Lack of advanced editing tools
Could be heavy on CPU
No integrated recording
Limited song library
Requires strong internet connection


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Can Moises App isolate vocals from a music track?
Is Moises App helpful for practicing different parts of a song at the same time?
How can Moises App ensure my recordings sound as professional as possible?
Can I practice without the distraction of background music using Moises App?
What makes Moises App an invaluable tool for musicians?
Can Moises App help me to polish my recordings?


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