Content generation 2022-12-11
Assisted content generation with intelligent writing.
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Moly is an AI writing assistant that helps you and your team generate content ten times faster. This cutting-edge technology uses GPT-3 and AI to unlock creativity and generate original content for blog posts, emails, marketing content, and more.

Moly allows social media managers to generate tons of content in seconds, and its blog content generator helps you create engaging blog posts with minimal effort.

It also offers AI-powered website copywriting, job ad and spec creation, and email generation. Additionally, Moly’s AI content generator comes with a Chrome Extension that integrates with all your current apps, making it easy to use.

It is available in three plans: a free plan, Pro plan, and Business plan. The Pro and Business plans offer unlimited words, 50+ AI templates, emails that convert, and the Chrome Extension.

Moly is a great tool for anyone looking to generate content quickly and efficiently.


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