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Build SQL dashboards in seconds not hours.
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The best way to query, visualize, and talk to your data with AI. Build queries and dashboards to track your most important metrics.

Connect various data sources, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, or any data source with an API endpoint.

Sign up, connect a database, and start asking an AI assistant questions about your data. Save those queries and add them to a dashboard to quickly visualize your favorite metrics.

Share your queries and dashboards with your team to keep everybody in the loop.

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Pros and Cons


Supports PostgreSQL and MySQL
Universal API access
Convenient cloud-based
Unified data view
Data silos breakdown
SQL queries support
Multi-source data tracking
Collaborative data interactions
Charts creation feature
Dashboards creation feature
Team SQL participation
Flexible analytics tooling
Key metrics monitoring
Simplifies data-driven decisions
Free viewers
Data integration functionality


Currently in beta stage
Only supports PostgreSQL, MySQL
No offline mode
Unspecified processing speed
Dependent on Llama 3 LLM
Cloud-based only
Requires API endpoint


What is Monitr and what is its purpose?
How does Monitr break down data silos?
What data sources can Monitr connect with?
What does it mean that Monitr offers a unified view of data?
In what ways can I visualize data with Monitr?
What types of charts and dashboards can I create with Monitr?
How does Monitr help in facilitating data-driven decisions?
What is the role of Llama 3 LLM in Monitr's AI features?
How does Monitr promote collaborative interaction?
Can I share my data with Monitr?
Is Monitr only a cloud-based platform?
How secure is my data with Monitr?
Does Monitr support both SQL queries and API endpoint connections?
What are the AI capabilities of Monitr?
Is Monitr still in the beta stage? What does this mean for users?
Does Monitr offer free trials or demo?
What is the cost of using Monitr after the beta stage?
How can I create a SQL query in Monitr?
What support options are available to Monitr users?
How does Monitr help me track my most critical metrics?

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