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Tracks computer activity to improve productivity.
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MonitUp is a software tool designed to measure and improve personal productivity. It tracks the user's computer activity, takes screenshots, and monitors the apps and websites used every five minutes.

The tool provides valuable insights into work habits and productivity levels, allowing users to identify time-wasting activities, minimize distractions, and achieve professional goals.

The software processes data from the previous week and generates AI suggestions to increase productivity. The User Dashboard shows the time the computer was turned on, how long it remained on the lock screen, and when it was turned off.

Applications can be divided into three categories, efficient, inefficient, and neutral, to calculate productivity reports. The screenshot feature is passive by default, but users can activate it and take screenshots at different time intervals, which can then be processed and used by the AI.

MonitUp is suitable for tracking project-based works, and users can start and end the tracking manually. The software offers two plans, Freelancer and Probest Offer, with different features such as open/close time list, setting working hours, PC performance tracking, notifications, and more.

Overall, MonitUp is a comprehensive productivity tool that provides useful insights into work habits and provides AI suggestions to optimize productivity levels.

This tool could be useful for freelancers and professionals who want to increase efficiency and reduce time-wasting activities.


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Pros and Cons


Tracks computer activity
Takes screenshots
Monitors apps usage
Monitors websites usage
User Dashboard insights
Time tracking of computer use
Tracks lock screen time
App efficiency categorization
Manual beginning and end tracking
Freelancer and Pro plans
Open/close time list
Setting of working hours
PC performance tracking
Notifications feature
Suitable for project-based work
Identifies time-wasting activities
Productivity reports generation
Website visit tracking
Data interpretation for screenshots


Screenshots can lack privacy
No mobile app available
Requires manual tracking start/end
No task categorization feature
No real-time activity monitoring
May slow down PC performance
Data only from previous week
No free plan available
No cross-platform syncing


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