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MonkeyLearn makes it simple to clean, label and visualize customer feedback
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MonkeyLearn is a no-code text analytics platform designed to simplify the process of obtaining, analyzing, and visualizing customer feedback. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide businesses with key insights that can help improve their operations.

Within MonkeyLearns toolkit is an all-in-one text analysis and data visualization studio. It allows users to gain instant insights from their data, delve deeper with granular examination options, and generate custom charts and visualizations.

Users can combine and filter multiple data inputs, including custom fields and dates. Additionally, MonkeyLearn offers an array of pre-built and customizable machine learning models, with its user-friendly interface obviating the need for coding skills.

Common applications include sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and topic classification. Users can simply import their datasets, define custom tags, and commence training of their models.

MonkeyLearn also offers business templates tailored for varied scenarios, and these come equipped with pre-made text analysis models and dashboards. These templates, coupled with native integrations, an SQL connection, or API, allows seamless connection to users' apps and BI tools.

This range of capabilities helps users transform reviews into business improvements, strengthen customer relations, and identify opportunities for process enhancement.

MonkeyLearn was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Quick feedback analytics
Customizable charts
Multiple data inputs
Pre-built and custom models
Business templates available
Text analysis models
Insights visualization
Supports neural networks
Extractors and classifiers
Granular examination options
Seamless connection to BI tools
Improves customer relations
Transforms reviews into improvements
Variety of applications
User-friendly interface
Native integrations
SQL connection
Data cleaning capabilities
Entity extraction
Topic classification
Sentiment analysis
Customisable text analysis
Tailored business scenarios
Excellent customer testimonials
Integrated dashboard
Secure data management
Strong company values
GDPR and SOC2 compliant
Live customer support
Flexible plans and pricing
API documentation
Strong brand reputation
Promotes customer-centricity
Supports multiple languages
High customer satisfaction score
Active company blog
Template match for data types
Eases process enhancement
Robust data handling
Supports instant data visualizations
Wide business application scope
Revolutionizes ticket routing processes
Streamlines operational processes
Business insights generation
Active in the community
Opportunities for technical collaboration
Continuous tool updates
Promotes innovation
Customizable tagging


No code may limit customization
Training custom models necessary
Limited to text analytics
Unknown data security measures
Reliance on pre-built models
Dependant on quality of data
No explicit multilingual support
Potential complexity in BI integration
Dashboard might be too granular
No location-based analysis


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How does MonkeyLearn support text analysis and data visualization?
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