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Aggregate, triage, and analyze user feedback fast, scalable, and accurate.
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Monterey AI is an AI tool designed to streamline the voice of the customer (VoC) process. It is equipped to gather and analyze feedback from various data sources and websites, thus helping to uncover the main customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction points across multiple communication channels.

These insights are drawn from a variety of unorganized data, which the tool aggregates, triages, and analyses swiftly and accurately. This is done using advanced AI-powered analytics that facilitates the derivation of real-time, actionable insights.

Furthermore, Monterey AI assists in classifying and triaging problems by identifying emerging patterns and routing them to the appropriate stakeholders.

This tool not only interacts with data seamlessly and naturally, but also allows for the posing of queries without the need to write code. It is designed to be well integrated into your existing processes, allowing collaboration via platforms like email and Slack.

Monterey AI also offers a feature known as 'Monterey AI Growth' which is intended to supercharge product development processes. This includes features such as a Simple Widget and Requests Portal, auto-scaling to meet data needs, and direct ticket management capabilities.

Monterey was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyzes millions user voices
Transforms vast data into insights
Backed by Y Combinator
Scalable from start-up to IPO
Process millions data points instantly
Supports user voice infrastructure setup
Direct CRM, social media connections
Facilitates customer-centric brand building
Supports 85+ global languages
Allows instant tool plugging
Accurate, real-time data
Custom, continuously learning models
Privacy and security first approach
Compliant with industry security standards
Feedback experience design capacity
Real-time risk and opportunity identification
Data-based product development decisions
Query handling without writing code
Integrated with existing processes
Aggregates, triages, and analyses data
Analyzes data from varied sources
Identifies main satisfaction points
Classifies and routes emerging patterns
Collaborates via email, Slack
Auto-scales to meet data needs
Advanced user controls available
Continuous custom model auto-learning
No-code engagement with data
Direct ticket management capabilities
Supports SOC II Type II
Supports area-specified privacy requirements
Supports customizable SLAs
Provides data audit services
Implementation support available
Ongoing training support available
Feedback infrastructure setup
Statistics on productivity gain
Data on cost savings
Data on faster inbound data solving
Offers organisational security via SSO


No offline functionality
Over-reliance on real-time data
No free tier/service
Limited customization options
Dependent on third-party platforms
Language accuracy unknown
Limited user controls
No inbuilt CRM
No specific industry focus


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How is Monterey Monterey AI scalable?
What mechanisms Monterey Monterey AI has for privacy and security?
How can Monterey Monterey AI be used to create a customer-centric brand?
How does Monterey Monterey AI handle user voices and feedback?
Can Monterey Monterey AI unlock trends and insights from user needs?
How does Monterey Monterey AI support global languages?
How can Monterey Monterey AI be integrated with an engineering platform?
How does Monterey Monterey AI aid in product insights?
What is Monterey AI Growth?
How does Monterey Monterey AI facilitate collaboration?
How does Monterey Monterey AI assist in problem triage?
Can Monterey Monterey AI handle unstructured data?
Does Monterey Monterey AI support natural interactions and queries?
What is the 'Voices of Customer' process in Monterey Monterey AI?
How does Monterey Monterey AI maintain industry-level security and privacy standards?

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