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Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.
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Mindset by DIVE Studios is a daily self-care and wellness platform that provides exclusive and intimate audio collections from prominent figures, including famous artists and celebrities.

Through authentic storytelling and story sharing, Mindset strives to make self-care and wellness easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide.

The platform features Celebrity Mindsets, Daily Check-In, Daily Reflections, Expert-Led Advice, Daily Quotes, and a Discord Community. Celebrity Mindsets provide listeners with inspiring life lessons and stories from famous faces, while the Daily Check-In feature offers a simple 5-minute routine to make self-care a daily habit.

The Daily Reflections feature allows users to share stories and experiences with others who can relate, while Expert-Led Advice provides access to an exclusive library of content created in partnership with mental health professionals and professors.

The Daily Quotes feature offers a daily dose of inspiration to motivate and challenge users, and the Discord Community provides a supportive environment to connect with others.

Mindset is free to use, with the Introductory and 1st episodes of each Collection being accessible for no charge.


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Pros and Cons


Wellness audio by experts
Content from celebrities
Intimate audio collections
Authentic storytelling
Accessible worldwide
Features Celebrity Mindsets
Daily Check-In routine
Daily Reflections feature
Expert-Led Advice
Daily motivational Quotes
Supportive Discord Community
Free Introductory, 1st Episodes
Inspirational Life Lessons
Story sharing facility
Content by mental health professionals
Variety of Famous Artists
100% exclusive content
Text transcripts available
Flexible Daily Routines
Daily dose of inspiration
Global supportive environment
5-minute self-care routine
Content featured on Billboard
App featured on TechCrunch
Partnership with Music's Biggest Names
Real-life experiences shared
Impactful audio content
Hours long audio content
User friendly platform
Therapeutic and Comforting content
Improves mental health
Promotes daily self-care
Mobile friendly (Android, iOS)
Access to intimate community
Supports global mental wellness
Easy to operate platform
Interactive and engaging
Inspires and motivates users
Personal growth facilitator
Free and paid content
Artist-centric collections
Challenges individual perspectives
Updates regular Collections and features
Option for artist notes updates
Content suitable for commuting


No desktop access
Limited free content
No offline access
Needs subscription for full access
No text version for audios
No personalization features
Lack of diverse expert content
No language options
Limited community interaction features
No progress monitoring tools


What is Mood AI by Mindset?
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Who are the prominent figures that contribute to Mood AI?
What is the Celebrity Mindsets feature in Mood AI?
How does the Daily Check-In feature of Mood AI work?
Can I share my own stories on Mood AI?
What type of advice is offered in the Expert-Led Advice feature of Mood AI?
What kind of quotes can I expect on the Daily Quotes feature of Mood AI by Mindset?
What is the purpose of the Discord community in Mood AI?
Is Mood AI by Mindset free to use?
How can I gain access to the full Mood AI content?
How long are the episodes on Mood AI by Mindset?
Can Mood AI by Mindset be accessed on desktop?
What devices support Mood AI by Mindset?
What is a Mindset Collection?
How can I become a Mindset member?
Can I gift a Mindset subscription to others?
Who should use Mood AI by Mindset?
Can Mood AI by Mindset help in improving mental health?
What is the best way to use Mood AI by Mindset for daily self-care?

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