Wellbeing 01 Feb 2023
Mood AI by Mindset
Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.

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Mindset by DIVE Studios is a daily self-care and wellness platform that provides exclusive and intimate audio collections from prominent figures, including famous artists and celebrities.

Through authentic storytelling and story sharing, Mindset strives to make self-care and wellness easy, accessible, and a priority for people worldwide.

The platform features Celebrity Mindsets, Daily Check-In, Daily Reflections, Expert-Led Advice, Daily Quotes, and a Discord Community. Celebrity Mindsets provide listeners with inspiring life lessons and stories from famous faces, while the Daily Check-In feature offers a simple 5-minute routine to make self-care a daily habit.

The Daily Reflections feature allows users to share stories and experiences with others who can relate, while Expert-Led Advice provides access to an exclusive library of content created in partnership with mental health professionals and professors.

The Daily Quotes feature offers a daily dose of inspiration to motivate and challenge users, and the Discord Community provides a supportive environment to connect with others.

Mindset is free to use, with the Introductory and 1st episodes of each Collection being accessible for no charge.


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