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Emotional well-being journaling.
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MoodPen is an AI-powered journaling tool designed to help users gain clarity, cultivate personal growth, and improve overall well-being. With MoodPen, users can express their thoughts and feelings through journaling and receive personalized feedback and reflections from the AI system in real-time.

The tool recognizes patterns in users' emotions, identifies unproductive habits, and provides actionable steps to help them achieve their goals. In addition to journaling, MoodPen offers a venting feature where users can engage in a chat-based conversation with the AI system to express their feelings and receive support.

The tool also provides thought-provoking insights based on users' journal entries, boosting their self-reflection and focusing on intimate growth. Users can track their emotions daily and receive weekly summaries highlighting key takeaways and focuses for the following week.MoodPen offers various journaling focuses, including general life, family, finances, health, school, and more, allowing users to choose the area they want to concentrate on for personalized clarity.

The tool further enhances journaling by providing automated reflections, personalized feedback, and summaries. It also offers language translation capabilities, allowing users to write or communicate in their preferred language.MoodPen prioritizes privacy and security by leveraging best practices in AI and encrypted database technology.

The tool is available through subscription or lifetime membership options, with transparent pricing and discounts available. Overall, MoodPen provides users with an intuitive and personalized journaling experience with AI-driven insights and support to foster personal growth and emotional well-being.

MoodPen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated journal reflections
Reflect on journal entries
Emotion tracking
Weekly summaries of emotions
Multiple journal focus areas
Language translation capabilities
Secure encrypted database
Subscription and lifetime memberships
Transparent pricing
Personalized clarity based on focus
Automated reflections and summaries
Venting feature
Insight generation
Journal analytics
Multilingual support
One-click mood analysis
Personalized future focus suggestions
Personalized podcasts and resources
Option to directly share journals
Automated suggested actionable steps
User privacy prioritized
Unlimited journal reflections
Unlimited journal analysis
Unlimited journal entries


Subscription or Lifetime Membership Only
Lack of free trial
No apparent multi-device support
Absence of offline mode
No MacOS or Windows app
Reliant on typing or speech-to-text
No API for developers
Translation accuracy and clarity issues
Lack of collaborative journaling options


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What kinds of insights does MoodPen offer?
Does MoodPen provide automated reflections?
Can MoodPen translate my entries to other languages?
How does MoodPen prioritize my privacy and security?
What are the subscription options for MoodPen?
Can MoodPen provide me with weekly summaries of my emotions?
What kind of personalized feedback can I receive from MoodPen?
Can I choose different AI personas in MoodPen?
Does MoodPen allow speech-to-text input?
How does the analysis feature in MoodPen work?
Can I share my MoodPen journal entries on social media platforms?
What kind of resources does MoodPen provide to help me take actionable steps?
Is there a lifetime membership option for MoodPen?

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