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Personalized playlists from moods and activities.
Generated by ChatGPT

MOODPlaylist is a free online music streaming service that offers personalized playlists based on your mood. Their AI-powered music recommendation engine analyzes your current mood and generates a playlist that matches it.

The platform boasts a 100% ad-free experience, ensuring uninterrupted music enjoyment. Users can choose from a wide range of moods, including angry, happy, relaxed, romantic, and more, as well as specific activities like chilling, working, exercising, or studying.

Additionally, the platform allows users to explore playlists based on different eras, such as the 2020s, 2000s, or even classical music.The process of generating these personalized playlists involves consulting with music experts, analyzing music trends, and crafting a curated selection of songs.

The service offers various playlists, including alternative rock, classical music, disco, electronic dance music, jazz, Latin pop, punk rock, and many more.

Users can export their customized playlists to Spotify or import playlists from Spotify.MOODPlaylist aims to provide a seamless music experience for users without any distractions.

The platform offers background playback, allowing users to enjoy their favorite tunes while using other applications or browsing the web. Whether users want to relax, energize, focus, or enjoy a specific genre or decade, MOODPlaylist promises to deliver the perfect soundtrack for every mood.


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Jul 5, 2023
I like the option to import a Spotify playlist and get it converted into videos

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Pros and Cons


Personalized mood-based playlists
Playlists for various activities
Playlists based on eras
Consulting music experts for playlists
Ad-free experience
Background playback
Integration with Spotify
Option to import Spotify playlists
Wide range of music genres
Personalized era-based playlists
Personalized activity-based playlists
Smooth user interface
Auto playlist generation
Expert curated songs selection
Free music streaming
Export customized playlists
Option to create own playlists
Uninterrupted listening experience
Analyzing music trends for playlist
Music for specific scenarios
Playlist for every mood
Wide mood selection options
Wide activity selection options


Not a standalone app
No offline listening
Relies on Spotify integration
Lacks social sharing feature
No radio feature
No artist-based recommendation
No desktop app
Doesn't support multiple platforms
Limited music genre options


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Does MOODPlaylist allow me to explore songs from different eras?
How can I import or export my playlists to Spotify on MOODPlaylist?
Does MOODPlaylist include different genres of music in its playlists?
Can I listen to my playlist while using other applications with MOODPlaylist?
Is it possible to get a playlist from a specific genre or decade?
Can MOODPlaylist recommend a playlist for me?
Can I create my own playlists on MOODPlaylist?
How does MOODPlaylist suggest songs based on moods?
Does MOODPlaylist work with music experts in crafting the playlists vs fully automated?
What's the process of mood analysis in MOODPlaylist?
Can MOODPlaylist play music in the background?
Is MOODPlaylist 100% free?
Does MOODPlaylist analyze music trends?
What types of music does MOODPlaylist offer in its playlists?


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