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Easily make engaging videos online.
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Moovly is an online AI-powered video editing platform that enables users to create engaging videos. This tool is well-suited for producing explainer videos, promotional videos, training videos, or tutorials in a simple way.

Catering to a broad demographic, Moovly offers solutions for both individuals and organizations such as small businesses, educational institutions, and larger enterprises.

The platform not only provides video-making solutions but also offers video automation features, allowing for the production of videos in few clicks. It also features options for API Integrations which enhance its flexibility and scalability.

Moreover, Moovly supports a variety of use-cases across different industries including automotive, business consulting, healthcare, and more. There are also options for services catering specifically to different departments within an organization, including Human Resources, Information Technology, Internal Communication, Sales and Marketing, and Talent Acquisition.

Moovly offers various plans, including individual subscriptions, education and enterprise plans, which are tailored to meet the unique needs of each user group.

To further assist users, Moovly also provides resources such as a gallery of user creations, a pool of handy video templates, and a comprehensive help center.


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Moovly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic video generation
Versatile video editing
API Integrations
Scalable platform
Supports variety industries
Supports multiple departments
Various subscription plans
Educational institution solutions
Enterprise solutions
Individual solutions
Gallery of user creations
Pool of video templates
Comprehensive help center
Automation of video production
Automotive industry solutions
Business consulting solutions
Healthcare industry solutions
Human Resources solutions
Information Technology solutions
Internal Communication solutions
Sales and Marketing solutions
Talent Acquisition solutions
Mobile App
WordPress Plugin
Affiliate Program
Bulk Video Maker
E-Commerce Video Maker
Amazon Video Maker
Shopify Video Maker
News Video Maker
Zapier Integration
Detailed features overview
Large user community
Regular webinars


Complex for basic users
Limited customization
Requires strong internet connection
No offline mode
Subscription can be costly
Learning curve for advanced features
Limited voices for text-to-speech
Translation not always accurate.


What is Moovly?
How does Moovly use AI?
Who can use Moovly?
Can Moovly be used for creating explainer videos?
What types of videos can I make with Moovly?
What is video automation in Moovly?
How does Moovly support API Integrations?
Can Moovly be used for promotional videos?
Does Moovly offer solutions for businesses?
What kind of educational solutions does Moovly offer?
What industries can use Moovly?
Does Moovly have features specific for HR and IT departments?
What are the different subscription plans offered by Moovly?
How does Moovly assist its users?
Where can I find video templates in Moovly?
Does Moovly provide resources for video making tutorials?
What is the 'Video Automator' feature in Moovly?
What makes Moovly flexible and scalable?
Can I integrate Moovly in my existing workflows or platforms?
How can I use the Moovly online video editor?

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