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Motionshift is an AI-powered tool that allows users to easily create high-quality 2D and 3D videos and ads in minutes, with no design skills required. The tool offers an intuitive template editor with a wide variety of pre-animated and pre-composed templates, allowing users to swap objects and add text to produce on-brand videos and ads instantly.To expedite the video creation process, Motionshift provides free and customizable templates that are strategically researched and optimized for creative performance in various industries.

Users can also generate conversion-focused video ad creatives in seconds by inputting their website URL, which the tool then extracts data and visual assets from to create engaging video ads.Motionshift's AI-powered library offers access to over 100,000 free high-quality videos, 1,000+ 3D models, 100+ animated text libraries, and a vast collection of copyright-free music.

The tool's algorithms analyze the visual and audio elements of these assets to provide contextually relevant suggestions.In addition to its ease of use and extensive library, Motionshift allows users to import designs from various 2D and 3D file formats with a single click, making it convenient for professionals working with programs like Blender and After Effects.Although currently in beta, Motionshift also promises future enhancements through its AI Editor, which will revolutionize video editing, template creation, and asset generation.Users can join the Motionshift community to connect with other 3D enthusiasts and stay up to date with product updates.

Overall, Motionshift offers a user-friendly solution for creating visually appealing and engaging videos and ads with the power of AI.

Motionshift was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality 2D and 3D videos
No design skills required
Intuitive template editor
Pre-animated and pre-composed templates
Variety of templates
Free and customizable templates
Strategically researched templates
Optimized for creative performance
Conversion-focused video ad creation
Generates video ads from URL
100k+ free high-quality videos
1k+ free 3D models
100+ free animated text libraries
100k+ copyright-free music tracks
Contextually relevant suggestions
Single click design import
Supports 2D and 3D file formats
Community for 3D enthusiasts
Product updates
Easy-to-use interface
Can swap objects and add text
On-brand videos and ads creation
Asset generation
Trusted by established companies
Optimized for various industries
Personalized URL-to-video feature
Time saving
Engaging content creation
Creates unique video experiences
Integrated with Blender and After Effects
Extracts data & visual assets from URL


Still in beta
One-click import issues
Limited template customization
Dependent on website URL
No offline functionality
No version history
No multi-user collaboration
No advanced animation features
Limited format supports


What is Motionshift?
How does the Motionshift work?
How long does it take to create a video with Motionshift?
What types of videos can Motionshift create?
Can I use my own assets with Motionshift?
What sort of templates does Motionshift provide?
How does the AI in Motionshift help improve my videos?
Does Motionshift provide any copyright-free music for my videos?
Can Motionshift extract data from my website URL to create videos?
Do I need design skills to use Motionshift?
Can I import designs into Motionshift from programs like Blender and After Effects?
What is the AI Editor in Motionshift?
What future enhancements are planned for Motionshift?
How can I join the Motionshift community?
Is Motionshift currently in beta?
What industries is Motionshift suitable for?
Is Motionshift trusted by reputable organizations?
What kind of support or resources does Motionshift offer?
Are there any templates specifically optimized for certain industries?
How do I sign up for early access to Motionshift?

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