Video generation 2022-01-05
Software for bringing motion into digital worlds.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered motion capture software that enables creators to bring motion into digital worlds with ease. It uses patented artificial intelligence technology to extract high-fidelity motion from any video.

This allows creators to easily capture movement and re-imagine the future of animation and self-expression. helps to expedite the creation of content for digital environments and empowers creativity and digital self-expression.

It also enables frictionless movement between physical and digital worlds. is backed by investors and offers a free beta version that can be accessed through their website.

With, creators can bring motion into digital worlds at limitless scale, allowing them to experience Albert Einstein’s famous quote “Nothing happens until something moves”.


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Move was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


High fidelity motion capture
Frictionless movement extraction
Beta version free
Supports limitless scale
Encourages digital self-expression
Content creation expedited
Physical-to-digital world translations
Mobile compatible
Tools for digital shift
Supports creativity enablement
Wide-scale movement digitization
Affordable licensing
Good customer support
Available worldwide
Integrated with social platforms


No API mentioned
Limited to video input
Beta version only available
Not open-source
Depends on video quality
No multi-platform support mentioned
Inaccessibility to patented technology


What is
How does work?
What kind of technology does use?
What is the purpose of
How can be beneficial to creators?
Can be used in any kind of digital environment?
What is the 'frictionless movement' that enables?
Who are the investors behind
Is there a cost associated with using
How can I gain access to the beta version of
Can capture motion from any video?
What are the applications of in mobile and enterprise?
What does 'digitizing movement at scale' mean in the context of
What does movement licensing involve in
What support is available for users of
How can expedite the creation of digital content?
What is the philosophy behind the creation of
Is a tool for self-expression?
What platforms is available on?
Where can I find the terms of service for

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