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Emotion-based movie rec with streaming filters.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that helps users quickly find movies that are emotionally appealing to them across all their streaming services, for free. It uses an emotion-led AI recommendation system that taps into the power of emotions and emojis to create a tailored movie list for users.

The tool offers a filter bubble to narrow down search results by streaming services where users can find movies to watch for free. It learns what users love through the emojis they select and provides a list of desired movies that align with users' emotions. has analyzed over 676,906 movies across 118 supported countries and 516 streaming services, providing a comprehensive database of movies for users to choose from.

The tool is accessible on all devices without having to download an app and is completely free to use. has received praising reviews from experts and directors who have applauded its pioneering psychological concept.

It also offers classic, indie, and foreign movie options that users may not have otherwise found. Legal terms, privacy policy, and cookie policy pages are available on's website.

Overall, provides an innovative and convenient way for users to find movies that are emotionally appealing to them across multiple streaming services.


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Moveme was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Emotion-based recommendations
Streaming service filters
Free usage
Emoji personalization
Comprehensive movie database
676,906 movies analyzed
516 streaming services supported
118 countries supported
No app download needed
Easily accessible
Classic, indie, foreign movie options
Highly praised by experts
Legal terms available
Privacy policy available
Cookie policy available
User-centric tool
Innovative recommendation system


No personal user accounts
No app available
Limited to preset emotions
No user content curation
No option for user reviews
Doesn't clarify movie data sources
Dependent on emoji understanding
No social sharing features
Does not offer series suggestions
Lacks parental control features


How does work?
What is the 'emotion-led AI recommendation system' that uses?
How does decide on the movies to recommend to me?
Does require me to download any apps or software?
What kind of movies does recommend? Are indie and foreign movies included?
How does decide which streaming services to display movies from?
Do I need to pay to use
Does have a filter feature?
How can help me find movies that suit my mood?
Can I use on my mobile device?
Why does use emojis in the recommendation process?
How is different from other movie recommendation tools?
How many movies has analyzed up to now?
What are the legal terms, privacy policy, and cookie policy related to
What is's filter bubble feature and how does it work?
Does's AI recommendation system learn from my choices over time?
How many countries and streaming services does support?
How does ensure the movies recommended are available for free on my streaming services?
What information will collect about my movie preferences?
How reliable is the movie list generated by's AI recommendations?

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