Movie & Book Recommender
Custom movie & book suggestions.

Generated by ChatGPT

The Movie & Book Recommender is a tool designed to help users find their next book or movie to enjoy. It provides recommendations based on user preferences and interests.

The user can choose between a movie or a book and select a recommender. The tool offers multiple recommenders to choose from, ranging from providing 2 to 10 recommendations.

The tool generates customized recommendations based on the input selected by the user. The Movie & Book Recommender is open-source and available on GitHub, with the source code built by Dapo Adedire, and the template is from Vercel AI Templates.

The tool is powered by OpenAI. Overall, the Movie & Book Recommender provides a simple and intuitive way to receive personalized recommendations for both movies and books.

Its open-source nature makes it a valuable tool for developers and enthusiasts interested in exploring the field of recommendation systems. The variety of recommenders offered allows users to choose the number of recommendations that best suit their needs.


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