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The Movie & Book Recommender is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in discovering their next favourite film or book. Based on user inputs, this platform offers personalized recommendations geared towards individual taste and preference.

The tool provides a choice between a Movie Recommender and a Book Recommender, each specifically programmed to predict choices within their respective domains.

By leveraging the potential of machine learning and AI technologies, the system ensures the recommendations are tailored and relevant, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

The Movie & Book Recommender is user-friendly and accessible, requiring minimal inputs from the user to generate recommendations. It was developed by Dapo Adedire, with the template provided by Vercel AI Templates and is powered by OpenAI.

Despite its seemingly simple interface, the underlying technology incorporates complex predictive algorithms to deliver accurate and personalized results.

It's a valuable tool for movie and book enthusiasts, reviewers, and anyone looking to find their next favourite read or watch.


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Movie & Book Recommender was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multiple recommenders available
Customized recommendations
Open-source software
Hosted on GitHub
Optional number of recommendations
Separate movie and book recommenders
User-friendly interface
Minimal data inputs needed
Strong predictive algorithms
Relevant for movie enthusiasts
Relevant for book lovers
Developed by Dapo Adedire


Limited to movie or book
No cross-media recommendations
Lacks multi-language support
No user reviews integration
Fixed number of recommendations
No age rating filter
Doesn't support genre selection
No author/director based recommendations
Lacks non-personalized recommendations
Limited to 10 recommendations


What is the Movie & Book Recommender?
How does the Movie & Book Recommender work?
Who developed the Movie & Book Recommender?
What technology powers the Movie & Book Recommender?
How is the Movie & Book Recommender personalized to my tastes?
How can I choose between a movie and a book on the Movie & Book Recommender?
What range of recommenders does the Movie & Book Recommender offer?
Why is the tool called Movie & Book Recommender open source?
Where can I find the source code for the Movie & Book Recommender?
How does the Movie & Book Recommender predict my next favorite movie or book?
Can I select number of recommendations on the Movie & Book Recommender?
What kind of inputs are required to use the Movie & Book Recommender?
Can the Movie & Book Recommender be used for film enthusiasts?
Is the Movie & Book Recommender suitable for book lovers?
How does the Movie & Book Recommender use AI and machine learning technologies?
What kind of predictive algorithms are used in the Movie & Book Recommender?
How user-friendly is the Movie & Book Recommender?
Is the Movie & Book Recommender beneficial for reviewers?
Can I use the Movie & Book Recommender to discover new entertainment options?
What is the role of OpenAI in the operation of the Movie & Book Recommender?

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