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Moviewiser: an AI that recommends movies and series based on your preferences or mood.

Through its website or mobile application, it offers precise recommendations for movies, series, and even documentaries based on your tastes and moods, thanks to its artificial intelligence.

Imagine that today you've had a difficult day and you just want to watch something uplifting. Just type "I want to watch optimistic movies," and it will provide you with a broad catalog of films that can lift your spirits.

Moviewiser satisfies any cinematic craving you may have, whether it's horror movies set in outer space, series set in medieval times, hidden gems of science fiction, movies about adolescence, and more. The platform always surprises with titles perfect for every occasion.

Discover Content and Get Inspired

For those days when you're not sure what you want, the "Discover" section provides inspiration through the most popular requests or prompts that the community has made to the artificial intelligence. An endless source of recommendations to inspire you or guide your own search.

And now, where can I watch this movie or tv show?

Of course, the platform's idea is to make our lives easier, and information about streaming platforms where you can enjoy the selected content online is readily available. Once you click on the movie or series, you can check a comprehensive profile, including its rating, synopsis, trailers, streaming platforms where you can watch it, and a list of actors and technical personnel or other similar movies and series.

Manage Your Favorites from One Place

MovieWiser has a section for you to save your favorite movies and series. Whether it's recommended by the platform itself, a friend, or something you've read on a movie blog, you'll have a space to keep all those pending movies and series to watch. It also takes into account what you've already watched and marked as "liked" for future recommendations.

Popular Content

Finally, the platform also offers a section showcasing currently trending content in your country. Here, you can discover the latest movies and series available on each platform or even in theaters. You can sort them by popularity, rating, and filter by streaming platform.

Revolutionize your cinematic experience with MovieWiser. Discover, save, and enjoy the best content in a personalized and efficient manner.


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Feb 5, 2024
Discover the perfect movie or TV show for your tastes with Moviewiser, an incredible AI-powered web application that takes personalized recommendations to new heights. Key Features Tailored Recommendations: Moviewiser utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to generate movie and TV show suggestions that align precisely with each user's preferences. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and let Moviewiser do the work for you. User-Friendly Interface: Built using create-react-app, Moviewiser offers a seamless user experience with its intuitive layout and straightforward navigation. Explore the application effortlessly and discover your new favorites with ease. Interactive Sections: Dive into various sections such as "Discover," "Trending," "Favorites," and "About," each designed to enhance your journey through the captivating world of entertainment. Whether you're looking for the latest releases or hidden gems, Moviewiser has you covered. Personalized Profiles: With Moviewiser, users can create personalized profiles and log in to access their favorite content and recommendations. All your preferences and must-watch choices will be conveniently stored in one place. AI-Powered Recommendation Engine: The true standout feature of Moviewiser lies in its remarkable AI-driven recommendation engine. Simply submit your preferred genres or topics, and the tool will generate a list of relevant movie and TV show suggestions tailored just for you. Let Moviewiser become your personal entertainment curator.

Feature requests

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MovieWiser was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 31st 2023.

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Pros and Cons


Interactive recommendation engine
User preference based suggestions
Genre-specific recommendations
Accompanies suggestions with ratings
Personalized user profile
Navigation through content sections
JavaScript enabled
Discovers new content
Options to log in
Features popular movie genres
Intuitive design for discoverability
Lists movies and series
Uses create-react-app
About section for information
Allows for favorites bookmarking
Trending content availability


Requires JavaScript enabled
No mobile app
Limited genre choices
Relies solely on user preferences
No advanced search options
No offline access
No age-based recommendations
No trailer previews
Potentially limited recommendation database


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Does MovieWiser provide ratings for its recommendations?
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Can you tell me more about the Discover and Trending sections on MovieWiser?
Is my data safe when I log in to MovieWiser?
What does the About section tell me about MovieWiser?
Can I interact with MovieWiser using any searchable topic for movie recommendations?
What languages is MovieWiser available in?
Are there mobile and desktop versions of MovieWiser?

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