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Video generation for marketing, sales, and training.
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Movio is an AI video generator that enables you to create professional-quality videos quickly and with minimal effort. It features a library of 80+ AI avatars with diverse ethnicities, styles, and accents, and supports 20+ languages for lip-syncing.

Other features include text-to-video capabilities, 200+ customizable templates, background music, and 1080P video downloads. Movio also offers tutorials and demos to help users get up and running quickly.

Movio is perfect for creating videos for marketing, sales, training, e-learning, and more. It is also backed by leading tech and media organizations, such as TechCrunch, CB Insights, and Product Hunt.

With Movio, you can create engaging videos 10x faster with AI.


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Movio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


20+ languages for lip-syncing
Text-to-video capabilities
200+ customizable templates
Offers background music
1080P video downloads
Tutorials and demos available
Suited for marketing, sales, training
Backed by leading tech organizations
Multi-scene video creation
Video sharing options
1080P download option
Ability to upload audio
Customizable styles, images, and fonts
Offers a diverse range of voices
User-friendly, no editing skills needed
Lip-syncing for realistic spokesperson videos
Perfect for professional video creation
Can create personalized Avatars
Impressive turn-around time
Option to upload favorite music
Community for user support
Mobile-friendly demos and tutorials
Real and CG human Avatars
Create videos 10x faster
Ideal for e-learning fields
Good for corporate training
Easily combines several scenes
End-to-end videos as easy as PowerPoint
Video shares directly with clients
Unlimited video downloads
Pick from 200+ voices
Professional video quality
Face swap and talking photo features
Option for choosing own avatars


Limited avatar diversity
Language limitations
No editing options
Limited to 1080P
Shares data with third parties
May lack customization options
No offline availability
Limited to video format
Only text-to-video feature
No multi-platform compatibility


What is Movio?
How do I start using Movio?
What languages does Movio support for lip-syncing?
What type of videos can Movio generate?
What kind of templates does Movio offer?
How can I customize videos in Movio?
Can I download my videos from Movio in 1080P?
Does Movio offer text-to-speech features?
How many AI Avatars does Movio have?
Where can I find tutorials on using Movio?
What kinds of music can I add to my Movio videos?
Can I share my Movio videos easily?
Does Movio have a feature for creating multi-scene videos?
Can I use my own voice in Movio?
Can I generate videos for corporate training with Movio?
Does Movio have face swap features?
Can I upload my audio to Movio?
Do I need editing skills to use Movio?
How do I turn text into videos in Movio?
Does Movio have tools for creating spokesperson videos?

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