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Custom Magic: The Gathering cards designed.
Generated by ChatGPT

The MTG Card Generator is an AI-powered tool for creating custom Magic: The Gathering cards. By entering a prompt, users can generate unique cards that include a legendary creature, wizard subtype, and abilities such as haste and hexproof.

The card can be further edited by clicking on its holofoil. The tool is developed by OpenAI and uses a GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) Turbo chatbot to facilitate the card-making process.The text emphasizes the tool's reliance on AI technology, suggesting that it can create card designs that surpass human capabilities.

The tool's ability to generate custom Magic: The Gathering cards may appeal to fans and collectors of the popular card game. However, the text avoids using specific numbers, such as the number of card combinations the tool can generate, to avoid confusion if the numbers change over time.

Overall, the MTG Card Generator is a helpful AI tool for anyone looking to design their own Magic: The Gathering cards.


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Aug 30, 2023
Hey all - this is my website. Let me know if you're having any issues with it or would like to see additional features. The GitHub is here:
Aug 3, 2023
to fix the API key ERROR just LOG IN and it will work perfectly
Jun 5, 2023
Hi, I think the AI stopped working. I put in my own API and it says that that API has met its quota even though it's brand new. Could you fix it please?

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Pros and Cons


Generates unique cards
Includes legendary creature feature
Includes wizard subtype
Inherits card abilities
Holofoil editable cards
GPT Turbo powered
Design specialised for MTG
Suitable for fans and collectors
Meets collector's expectations
Potential commercial use
Smart design capabilities
Creative card-making process
No specific numbers confusion
Highly customizable
Competition surpassing qualities
Generates legendary creatures
Generates wizards
Can assign abilities
Editable holofoil feature
Perfect for MTG enthusiasts
Adaptable GPT Turbo chatbot
Tool for creating custom cards
Generates card with haste and hexproof
No backward dependencies
Ability to generate dynamically
Automated creative solution
Potential for unlimited combinations
Can generate cards instantly
GPT Turbo enhances creativity
Exponential card options
Professional-level card designs
Great for card game enthusiasts
Advanced features for card making
Generates high-quality cards
Unique card generation
Facilitates simplification of design
Inspires creativity in users
Burden reduction on designers
Provides detailed cards
Generates cards from user prompts
Potential for continuous improvement
Avoids using confusing numbers
Promotes modern design approach
Offers advanced MTG customization
Provides an innovative solution
Increases efficiency in card creation
Enhances user experience


Limited card abilities
Lack of specific numbers
No mobile version
No multilanguage support
Can't bulk generate cards
Limited design options
Dependency on GPT turbo
No print option
Not for beginner users
No save function


What is the MTG Card Generator?
How does the MTG Card Generator work?
How does the GPT Turbo chatbot help in the card-making process?
What information do I need to provide to generate a card?
Can I edit the card after it's been generated?
What abilities can the generated cards possess?
Who developed the MTG Card Generator?
How does MTG Card Generator use AI technology?
Is there a limit to the number of custom cards I can create with the MTG Card Generator?
What exactly can be customized in the card creation process?
How can I add a legendary creature or wizard subtype to my card?
Can MTG Card Generator create a card that surpasses human capabilities?
What is a holofoil in the MTG Card Generator?
How does the prompt work in generating cards?
How to generate a card with specific abilities like haste and hexproof?
Can the MTG Card Generator appeal to all fans and collectors of Magic: The Gathering cards?
Why doesn't the tool specify the number of card combinations it can generate?
Can I add the generated card into my Magic: The Gathering spell book?
Can the MTG Card Generator help in designing Magic: The Gathering cards?
What does the 'generate' button do in the MTG Card Creator?

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