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Multilings is an AI-based tool that offers natural translation, plagiarism checking, grammar correction, citation generation, content writing, and voice conversion.

Multilings supports over 75 different languages for input and output and provides fast, accurate, and secure translations that are natural to the audience.

The plagiarism checker is superfast and reliable, and it helps you fix any content before publishing it out. Multilings generates AI-based articles, essays, eCommerce product descriptions, category descriptions, SEO keywords, and titles.

The content writing tools help users paraphrase and rephrase different topics, and there's also an email generator for welcome, cancellation, confirmation, and follow-up emails.Multilings offers a unified interface for all its products, and it allows users to add teams, report folders, cloud storage, enterprise-level security, color-grade sense, and reports and analytics.

Multilings is ideal for content writers, marketers, researchers, professors, teachers, students, and non-native language professionals. The tool helps users write effective emails, professional messages, audience-based articles, compelling content, fresh content, and assignments.

Multilings has received positive feedback from its customers regarding its intuitive context, accuracy, and quick customer service. Multilings is a powerful machine learning and neural AI-based solution for content writing, plagiarism, translation, and speaking that aims to help users achieve their writing goals effortlessly.


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Pros and Cons


Over 75 languages supported
Fast, accurate translations
Natural translation output
Reliable plagiarism checker
Content writing tools
Voice conversion available
Citation generation tools
Unified interface for products
Capability to add teams
Report folder function
Cloud storage option
Enterprise-level security features
Color-grade sense function
Reports and analytics provided
Email generation tool
Paraphrasing and rephrasing tools
SEO keywords generation
Ideal for various professionals
Document translation supported
Superfast plagiarism checking
Database comparison for plagiarism
Real-time voice narrator
Mood and tone-based writing
On-time customer service
Intuitive context understanding
SEO title generation


No mobile app
No offline availability
Lacks end-to-end encryption
No free plan available
Limited file format support
Unavailable voice translation features
Not specified supported voice formats
Unclear data retention policies
No rollover for remaining credits
Lacks real-time collaboration tools


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