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Generate compelling cover letters in one click!
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Muse is a tool designed for generating cover letters quickly and efficiently. It uses artificial intelligence to construct compelling cover letters in a single click.

Once set up by uploading your resume in either PDF or DOCX format, the tool is easy to use. It functions on any webpage with a job posting by executing a 'Download Cover Letter' command.

Muse goes beyond generating generic cover letters, it offers a personalized approach by aligning the content of the letter with details from the specific job posting on the webpage.

Once generated, the cover letter can be downloaded in your choice of PDF or DOCX formats. This tool aids in job search by eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming task of customizing a cover letter for each application, offering a significant advantage for job seekers.

It is essential to note that this tool respects privacy concerns and declares not to sell user data to third parties, use it for unrelated purposes, or use it to determine creditworthiness or for lending purposes.


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Muse - AI Cover Letters was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates cover letters quickly
Automated personalization
Works on any webpage
One-click operations
PDF and DOCX support
Aligns letter with job details
Respects data privacy
Doesn't sell user data
Doesn't use data for unrelated purposes
Accessible via the Chrome Web Store
Compact size (1.71MiB)
Can benefit recruitment processes
Automates cover letter generation
Saves time on job applications


Requires resume upload
Only works on webpages
Single format output (PDF/DOCX)
No language options
Dependent on job posting information
Chrome extension only
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What is the primary function of Muse?
How does Muse generate cover letters?
What formats does Muse accept for resume uploads?
Can Muse be used on any website with a job posting?
In what way does Muse customize the cover letters?
How can I download the generated cover letter from Muse?
Can Muse help to improve efficiency during the job search process?
Does Muse respect user data privacy?
What assurances are there that Muse will not sell my data?
Can Muse use my data to determine my creditworthiness or for lending purposes?
Is there any cost associated with using Muse?
What kind of personalization does Muse offer for cover letters?
How does Muse align my cover letter with specific job postings?
What are the benefits of using Muse for job applications?
How do I setup Muse for first-time use?
What formats are available for downloading the cover letter from Muse?
Does Muse need any special permissions on my device?
Can I use Muse without an internet connection?
How is AI used in Muse’s operations?
How secure is my data with Muse?

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