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Music composed through software.
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Musico is an AI-driven software engine that generates music based on the user's input. It is capable of reacting to gesture, movement, code, or other sound.

Musico utilizes a blend of traditional and modern machine learning algorithms to generate music that is copyright-free and in a wide variety of styles.

It can be used for semi-assisted and fully automatic composition, as well as AI-assisted composition. Musico also has applications such as Impro which allows musicians and performers to generate music in real time, controlling Musico with intuitive gestures.

Additionally, the engine can be mapped and react in real time to a variety of control signals, opening the engine to endless possibilities of interaction.

The engine is also being explored for its potential use in digital storytelling and media to create an enhanced soundtrack plugin. All of this is done with dedicated human supervision to ensure consistent and valuable results.

Musico offers an innovative toolbox for music-makers to craft anything from musical sketches to full songs.


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Apr 2, 2024
The tool need exploring to find: Listen to demo, Launch music ch, then Do it live. Besides how hard it is to get started, even I found the tool easy to use. Also you can find some very nice beats in the gallery

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Musico was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 25th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates copyright-free music
Capable of real-time reactions
Generates wide range of styles
Integration with intuitive gestures
Real-time control signal mapping
Potential use in digital storytelling
Applications like Impro
Dedicated human supervision
Applicable to diverse industries
Semi-assisted to fully automatic composition
Generates infinite melodies, beats, harmonies
Next-generation soundtrack plugin
Endless possibilities of interaction
Proprietary blend of algorithms
Accessible for both professionals and non-musicians
Versatile engine


Requires human supervision
Lacks genre customization
May yield inconsistent results
Limited gesture-based control
No data privacy information
No open-source availability
Lack of diverse soundscapes
No artist collaboration feature
Real-time reaction may lag
No detailed UI mentioned


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Can Musico assist in real time music generation?
What is the 'Impro' feature in Musico?
Can Musico react to control signals?
What are the potential uses of Musico in digital storytelling and media?
How does Musico ensure consistent and valuable results?
What are Musico's offerings for music makers?
Can Musico create copyright-free music?
Is it possible to control Musico with intuitive gestures?
Can Musico compose full songs?
What is the scope of Musico's generativity?
Does Musico require human supervision?
In what ways can Musico's engines react to creator input?
How can Musico be applied in the gaming industry?
What kinds of music styles can Musico generate?
Can Musico help me learn more about music making?


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