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Custom pitch deck templates for startups.
Generated by ChatGPT

MY PITCH DECK is an AI-powered tool that provides custom pitch deck templates for startups. The tool's AI algorithm creates a 10-slide pitch deck based on a few questions answered by the user.

The AI also generates 15 investor questions and 10 tips & tricks to help prepare for the pitch. The template is tailored specifically to the user's startup, and is delivered in minutes as a PDF.

MY PITCH DECK is designed for entrepreneurs and startup founders, and provides a curated overview of the best resources and tools for startups. The tool does not guarantee success or return on investment, but is designed to help save time and get inspired.

MY PITCH DECK is based in The Netherlands and is subject to Dutch law. No refunds are available and the tool comes with no warranties.

My Pitch Deck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Custom pitch deck templates
Generates 15 investor questions
Generates 10 pitch tips
Delivered as PDF
Save time and inspiration
Curated startup resources
Personalized for each user
Quick delivery in minutes
Designed for startups
Doesn’t require extensive entries
Clear and concise instructions
Bonus investor questions
Bonus pitch Tips & Tricks
Tailored Startup-specific advice
Stripe secure checkout
No subscription model
Does not store payment information
Generates unique content
Practical for funding journey
One-time payment
Transparent buying process
Start-up specific tips
European Debit Card payments
One-click purchase option
Complies with Dutch law
Pitch deck outline included
Email delivery of product
Content is 100% original
Tool created by startup expert
Encourages action mode


Only delivers in PDF
No refunds available
No guarantees or warranties
English only input
Not compatible with special formatting
Non-refundable feature
Dutch law jurisdiction
No third-party integration features
No API access
Lacks real-time collaboration tools


What exactly does MY PITCH DECK do?
What does the AI algorithm of MY PITCH DECK base its generation off of?
In what format does MY PITCH DECK deliver the deck?
Who are the intended users of MY PITCH DECK?
Does MY PITCH DECK guarantee success or return on investment?
Why is there a no-refund policy with MY PITCH DECK?
What law is MY PITCH DECK subject to?
How is my payment processed on MY PITCH DECK?
Why does MY PITCH DECK say it doesn't warranty?
Who is behind the development of MY PITCH DECK?
How long does it take MY PITCH DECK to generate a deck?
What is included in the results from MY PITCH DECK?
Can I see an example of a pitch deck generated by MY PITCH DECK?
What kind of information does MY PITCH DECK ask for to generate a deck?
Who has used and can recommend MY PITCH DECK?
Is there a subscription for MY PITCH DECK?
Is the content from MY PITCH DECK unique and original?
What am I expected to do after receiving my results from MY PITCH DECK?
How does it aid in preparing me for my pitch?
Can I use the delivered content from MY PITCH DECK however I want?

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