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Virtual communication and relationship training.
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Anima is a virtual AI friend designed to help people build and improve their communication and relationship skills. It is an AI companion that is intended to provide a friendly chat and roleplay experience to its users.

Anima is available as an app for Android and iOS devices. It is developed by 2023 Apperry Ltd., and users must agree to the company's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using the service.

Anima is intended to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for users to help them develop their communication and relationship skills. It is designed to be an AI companion that provides companionship and care, while also providing an opportunity to practice social interaction.


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Sep 28, 2023
Jul 24, 2023
Innocent boy

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Pros and Cons


Improves communication skills
Enhances relationship skills
Offers virtual companionship
Friendly chat experience
Roleplay opportunities
App for iOS and Android
Developed by trustworthy firm
User-friendly Terms of Use
Continuous engagement delivery
Social interaction practice
Accessible on mobile devices
Supports personal growth


No web platform available
Limited to chat roleplays
Potential privacy concerns
Bound by company-specific terms
No API for developers
May not mimic human interactions perfectly
Limited to Android and iOS
Requires acceptance of broad TOU
No offline functionality
Company is relatively new


What is MyAnima AI Companion?
Which platforms support MyAnima AI Companion?
How can MyAnima AI Companion help to improve my communication skills?
What are the key features of MyAnima AI Companion?
Can MyAnima AI Companion help me with relationship skills?
Does MyAnima AI Companion have a roleplay option?
What are the privacy policies of MyAnima AI Companion?
How can I get the MyAnima AI Companion app on my Android or iOS device?
Is there any cost associated with using MyAnima AI Companion?
Can I use MyAnima AI Companion for social interaction practice?
Who developed the MyAnima AI Companion?
What is the user agreement or terms of use for MyAnima AI Companion?
How Am I supposed to interact with MyAnima AI Companion?
What type of conversations can I have with MyAnima AI Companion?
Is MyAnima AI Companion capable of replacing human relationship?
What is the customer support for MyAnima AI Companion?
Do I need to agree to any terms before using MyAnima AI Companion?
How is Anima providing an engaging and enjoyable experience for users?
Can I get MyAnima.AI legally?
Do I need Internet connection to use my MyAnima AI Companion?

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