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Essay improvement and feedback for students.
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myEssai is a powerful AI-powered essay tutor that provides students with detailed feedback and actionable advice to improve the quality of their essays.

Unlike other grammar tools, myEssai provides detailed feedback on the content, structure, and organization of essays. It is designed to give feedback in a timely manner and to be specific, relevant, understandable, and actionable.

The AI has reviewed over 1000 essays and the feedback has been highly praised by users. myEssai has a free plan that allows users to review up to 750 words or 4,000 characters per month.

It also has a Premium and Ultimate plan for more frequent users. All plans come with secure data storage and privacy protection. With myEssai, students can get the feedback they need to take their writing to the next level.

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Pros and Cons


Detailed feedback on content, structure, organization
Specific, relevant, understandable, actionable advice
Reviewed over 1000 essays
Highly praised by users
Free plan option
Premium and Ultimate plans
Secure data storage
Privacy protection
Improves student grades
Instant feedback
Flexible feedback focus options
Supports various text types
Pricing options for different needs
No card required for free plan
User friendly interface
Admired for its specific and focused feedback
Gives actionable suggestions
Provides ideas for essay improvement
Ensures timely feedback
Recognized for its specificity and relevance
Generates fast results
Efficiency in reducing word count
Expertise in structuring and organizing content
High user satisfaction
Supports long text - 12,500 characters
Option to review your essays multiple times
Convenient for regular and frequent users
Plan for heavy users - 500,000 words/month


Limited free plan
Costly premium plans
Only English language support
Requires Internet connection
Limited to essays
Possibly longer response times
No offline mode
No API for integrations
No multi-user support


What is myEssai?
How does myEssai work?
Is myEssai better than other grammar tools?
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Is the feedback provided by myEssai actionable?
Can myEssai handle different types of essays?
How fast does myEssai give feedback?
Are there limitations on the free plan of myEssai?
What are the benefits of the Premium and Ultimate plans of myEssai?
Does myEssai guarantee data storage and privacy?
How do students benefit from using myEssai?
How many essays has myEssai reviewed so far?
What do users think about myEssai?
Can myEssai help improve essay grades?
Does myEssai provide instant feedback?
What makes myEssai stand out from other similar tools?
Can myEssai help with writing other than essays?
What is the cost of the Ultimate plan in myEssai?
How can I sign up for myEssai?
Does myEssai have a word or character limit for essay reviews?

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