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Remember everything. Organize nothing.
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mymind is an AI-powered search engine for your own brain. It’s one private place to put everything you want to remember online: bookmarks, inspiration, articles, notes, images & videos. Save it with a click, and find it again later with a simple search. It’s all organized for you with the help of artificial intelligence.

Unlike traditional bookmarks, no link looks the same in mymind. Everything is visualized in the most beautiful and useful way possible, with relevant information and visual cues to help you find what you need when you need it.

It functions a bookmarking tool, notes app, todo app, reading app, visual database and mood boarding tool all in one. Even better, it’s 100% private, meaning: no ads, no tracking, no social feeds or pressure.

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Jun 3, 2023
i've been using my mind for a few months now and every minute has been bliss, The team is great and customer support is bubbly and very responsive. The tool itself is great, being able to just share something to the app and come back to at when you want is an amazingly usefull feature. I love how simple the app is to use along with the simpleness of the spaces feature. The app is just great, also there is a small error in the futurepedia posting, plans start from $6 which is a bargain. Yes the product does have some kinks to iron out and plenty of features that are probably already on their way, but i'm excited to be on the journey and will keep using this product for a long time :)

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Pros and Cons


Private and secure
Free from social features
No time wasted on categorizing
Automatically tags and categorizes
Stores a variety of content
Intuitive design
Visual bookmarking approach
Promises no tracking
No ads
Saves data from various sources
Privacy-first approach
Simple, beautiful design
Compatible with several platforms
iOS app available
Android app available
Browser extension available
MacOS app available
Supports saving of highlights
Enabled for instant moodboards
Allows project organization
Promotes less time with tools
User-focused approach
Supports user freedom on data
Categorizes for you with AI
Includes Reading Mode
Frictionless saving & retrieval
Create Smart Spaces for collections
AI content summaries
Visual mood search
Clean, distraction-free Notes editor


No collaboration features
No social features
Lacks multi-user support
No vanity metrics
No folder system
No integrations with external tools


What is mymind?
What are the main features of mymind?
What can I store on mymind?
How does the AI feature in mymind work?
How secure is my data on mymind?
Is mymind free to use?
How does mymind ensure privacy?
How can I search for my saved material in mymind?
Can I save images and videos on mymind?
Can mymind analyze and tag web pages?
What is visual bookmarking in mymind?
Do I need to organize my notes in mymind?
Can I upload PDFs to mymind?
How is mymind different from other note-keeping apps?
Can other users see my saved items on mymind?
Can I download mymind as a mobile or desktop app?
Can I save links from the web directly to mymind?
Does mymind offer a browser extension?
Is there a trial period for mymind?
How can I start using mymind?

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