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Self-care app detects patterns & insights in journaling.
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Mynd is a novel journaling app designed for self-care that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify previously inaccessible patterns and insights.

Developed by B612, Inc., Mynd aims to make it easier to know oneself. With the app, users can effortlessly identify key words, emotions, and themes in their journal entries in real-time, giving them a better understanding of their reactions or experiences.

This feature may help users gain immediate insights about their behavior, emotions, and coping mechanisms.Moreover, Mynd uses AI to connect the dots between users’ entries, showing repeated keywords, themes, and emotions.

This might aid in realizing any patterns in their writing and unlocking insights that were not clear at first glance. Additionally, the app features a Mynd Map, which provides users with a summary of how their thoughts change over a specified period.

This mental map enables people to better see the story of their evolution over time and to be more productive with their reflections.Overall, Mynd is a powerful tool that can potentially provide significant benefits for users who want to take their journaling experience to the next level.

Its innovative technology provides a new level of insight and understanding about oneself that traditional journaling may not offer. Mynd will be available on desktop and mobile devices in late 2023, and it could be a valuable tool for those who wish to improve their self-awareness and emotional well-being.


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Pros and Cons


Detects patterns in journaling
Unlocks inaccessible insights
Real-time detection of key words
Real-time detection of emotions
Real-time theme identification
Connects dots between entries
Shows repeated keywords
Shows repeated themes
Shows repeated emotions
Provides Mynd Map
Visualizes thought evolution
Increases reflective productivity
Desktop compatibility
Mobile compatibility
Immediate insights on behavior
Enhances self-awareness
Improves emotional well-being
Aids in understanding reactions
Uncovers hidden coping mechanisms
Reveals behavior patterns
Displays story progression
Keywords repetition analysis feature
Summarizes thoughts change over time
Facilitates self-acceptance journey
Assists in personal growth
Promotes emotional productivity
Quickly identifies key themes
Translates entries into insights
Innovative self-care approach
Allows for in-depth reflection
Journey visualization with Mynd Map


Available in late 2023
No mention of encryption
Depends on self-analysis
Possibly overwhelming data display
Potential bias in interpretations
Extracting patterns may be inaccurate
Limited to written input
No multilingual support indicated
Lack of collaborative features
Not specified if customizable


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How does Mynd detect patterns and insights in journal entries?
What is the Mynd Map feature?
How can Mynd help me understand my emotions better?
What makes Mynd different from other journaling apps?
How will Mynd help me to know myself better?
Is Mynd available on mobile devices?
When is Mynd going to be launched?
Who are the developers of Mynd?
Does Mynd provide real-time insights?
How can Mynd help in improving self-awareness?
Can Mynd help me to understand my reactions and experiences?
Can Mynd help in identifying patterns in my writing?
Will I have to manually enter keywords, themes, and emotions or will Mynd detect them automatically?
How does the keywords feature in Mynd work?
What do patterns in the writing signify in the Mynd app?
Can Mynd improve my emotional productivity and if so, how?

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