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Personalized productivity assistant for those with ADHD
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MyndMap is an AI-powered software designed to streamline productivity by offering tailored recommendations and support. It aims to empower individuals to improve focus, productivity, and overall well-being.

One of its key features is its Personalised AI assistant, which learns from user interactions and adapts to their unique needs. It can assist with tasks organization, setting reminders, offering helpful suggestions, and providing insightful analysis to make daily life easier and more efficient.MyndMap also offers an ADHD Assessment based on the criteria outlined in the DSM-5, a globally recognized guide for understanding ADHD.

However, the platform takes the assessment process further by incorporating its innovative AI-driven platform. By analyzing user responses, the AI provides a personalized experience, identifies patterns and behaviors, and offers tailored recommendations and support.

With continued interactions, the AI evolves and adapts to the individual's unique requirements.Additionally, MyndMap provides a task organization feature to simplify daily routines and boost productivity.

Users can create, prioritize, and categorize tasks with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. They can also set deadlines, reminders, and due dates to ensure tasks are not overlooked or forgotten.By offering personalized AI assistance, an ADHD assessment, and a comprehensive task management system, MyndMap aims to be a trusted companion for individuals with ADHD seeking effective strategies for managing their daily tasks.


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Nov 18, 2023
The project looks very promising and the CEO is a hardworking person, I'm looking forward to this.
Jul 24, 2023
Looks pretty good - joined the waitlist

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Pros and Cons


ADHD-specific support
Interactive ADHD assessment
Evolution with continued interactions
Comprehensive task management system
Facilitates task prioritization
Drag-and-drop functionality
Deadline and reminder setting
Track and control tasks
Provides insightful analysis
Identifies patterns and behaviors
Tailored recommendations and support
Task organization feature
Improves focus and productivity
Helps manage daily tasks
Categorize tasks intuitively
Easy task creation
Convenient due dates setting
Boosts daily routine efficiency


Currently on waitlist
Lacks offline access
No multi-device synchronization
Lacks collaboration features
No free trial available
Limited task categorization
Not specifically designed for non-ADHD
Potentially steep learning curve
No mention of privacy protection


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Can you categorize tasks in MyndMap?
Does MyndMap have a waitlist?
What strategies does MyndMap propose for managing daily tasks?
Does MyndMap offer help for individuals with ADHD?
How does MyndMap improve productivity?
How does MyndMap adapt to unique user needs?
How does MyndMap assist in improving focus?
Why should I choose MyndMap as my productivity tool?
How can MyndMap help me boost my productivity?
Does MyndMap have a drag-and-drop feature for task organization?
How is the DSM-5 criteria incorporated in MyndMap's ADHD assessment?
Can MyndMap identify patterns and behaviors to help manage ADHD?

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