Story writing 08 Dec 2022
Assisted creative writing and image visualization.

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MyTales is an AI-powered story generator that provides users with a platform to create stories collaboratively. It is designed to take the user's imagination and bring it to life with AI assistance.

With MyTales, users can write stories with images, taking charge of their own world where anything goes. MyTales allows users to start a story with a prompt, and then the AI takes over and continues the story.

The AI uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate stories that are unique and interesting. Users can also edit and delete sections of the story as they wish.

MyTales is a great tool for budding writers and experienced writers alike, as it provides a fun and creative way to create stories with the help of AI.

Mytales was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2023.
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Baldaksh Badal
· Aug 10, 2023
Waiting time too long.
Daniel Papcke
· Jul 27, 2023
crashed for me
P Singh
· Jul 17, 2023
Worked for 2 stories. Now it doesn't work. Is there a limit per day?
Raven Hewitt
· May 9, 2023
Doesn't work just loads for 20 minutes
Ari Kivimaki
· May 5, 2023
Doesn't work. I set a prompt but it just loads for minutes and nothing happens.

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Pros and Cons


Collaborative writing platform
Story visualization with images
Uses natural language processing
Machine learning algorithms implementation
Story editing capability
Section deletion option
Good for budding writers
Useful for experienced writers
Prompts to initiate story
Generates unique stories


No offline mode
No multi-user collaboration
No real-time editing
Lacks genre-based prompts
Absence of tutorial or guide
No autosave feature
No mobile version
No character limit settings
Cannot customize story format

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