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Team project management with Kanban board.
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Naav is a project management tool that improves project management efficiency for organizations and teams. Naav's features include a Kanban board that allows users to visualize their workflow and track tasks, a backlog feature that provides a list view of tasks, a roadmap feature that enables users to timeline their tasks and track dependencies, and custom dashboards that allow users to create a unique dashboard for tracking their team’s progress in real-time.

Naav also offers a sprint feature to plan manageable work periods, a release feature to manage deliveries of completed work, a wiki feature for creating and organizing a knowledge base, and a custom board feature that enables users to customize their board with specific columns and workflows.

Naav also has an AI integration that enables tasks to be automatically organized, a lightning-fast search feature that enables users to find tasks quickly, and permissions set by default for easy management of user access.

Naav has activity logs that keep users updated on changes in their projects. Naav is suited for every methodology and has a mobile application for effortless task management on-the-go.

Naav also has a task modal view and filters that enable users to customize their task view, and a comment feature that allows users to tag and communicate with their team members.

Naav's overview page provides a bigger picture of tasks across all projects, allowing users to make decisions based on real-time data. Naav has a modern and sleek design that is easy to use, regardless of technical experience.


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Pros and Cons


Kanban board feature
Backlog feature
Roadmap feature
Custom dashboards
Sprint feature
Release management
Wiki feature for knowledge base
Custom columns in board
Efficient task automation
Lightning-fast search
Default permissions for users
Activity logs for change tracking
Suitable for various methodologies
Dedicated mobile application
Task modal view
Customizable task filters
Integrated communication/collaboration tools
Overview page across all projects
Styles with modern and sleek design
Flexible boards to fit workflows
Calendar for event management
Ease of usage for all experience levels
Time tracking for tasks
Linking related tasks
Task grouping and filtering capabilities
Task estimation and deadline setting
Large array of available integrations
Clear and concise task views
Real-time data for informed decisions
Comments and tagging for collaboration
Manageable work periods with Sprints
Customizable dashboard widgets
Visual timeline for project tracking
Centralized location for knowledge base
Efficient Task Searching
Fast and efficient performance
Progress tracking in real-time
Customer support via email/chat
Security with SSL encryption
Workspace isolation for data safety
Two-factor authentication for security
Free premium trial period
Range of pricing plans
Simple tool setup
Collaborative workspace
User-friendly interface
Drag-and-drop task management
Dependencies visualization in roadmap


No offline mode
No multi-language support
Limited integrations
No free plan after trial
Lacks shared team calendar
Limited custom workflow options
No visual project reports
No cross-project task linking
No dedicated customer support hotline


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Does Naav have a mobile application?
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How do I use the comment feature in Naav?
What kind of overview does Naav provide of all my projects?
What is Naav's approach to design and user experience?
How does Naav support efficient project management?

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