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Custom-designed logos for businesses and websites.
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Namecheap Logo Maker is a free online tool for creating custom logo designs for websites and businesses. It offers a wide range of features, such as a user-friendly design wizard, a library of professionally designed logos and unlimited free logos.

Logo Maker also provides users with high-resolution and high-quality logos that are fully customizable, allowing users to adjust the font, icon and color scheme to their preference.

It also offers AI-driven infinite logo combinations, so users can create logos tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, users can download their logos in both PNGs and SVGs in all colors and layouts, with no additional costs.


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May 4, 2024
As a longtime namecheap customer, I got to say, this tool is... just ok. One I can use in a pinch for a slide deck / pitch / MVP, but nothing worth sharing. I doubt anyone will be vowed with the logos made here.
Feb 14, 2024
Not AI. It's just randomizing selections
Nov 15, 2023
Not AI. It's just randomizing selections.
Jun 2, 2023
Intuitive and easy to use. Great results. 10/10.

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Pros and Cons


Free logo creation
High-resolution logos
High-quality logos
Fully customizable logos
User-friendly design wizard
Professionally designed logo library
Unlimited free logos
PNG and SVG downloads
No additional costs
Easily import into Site Maker & Card Maker
Creates logos suitable for business cards
Works on all devices
Offers quick links for social media sharing
Real-time logo showcase on t-shirts, business cards
Provides variety of logo sizes
Allows unlimited logo creations
Allows logo edits and saves
Part of Namecheap Visual Suite
Logo preview before download


Requires account to download logos
No assist for copyrighting
Logo ownership might be unclear
Unable to incorporate complicated designs
Potentially similar logos produced
Limited to available icons


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Does Namecheap Logo Maker charge for downloading logos?
How does Namecheap Logo Maker ensure high-resolution and high-quality logos?
Can Namecheap Logo Maker be used for any specific types of businesses or websites?
Can I use Namecheap Logo Maker on various operating systems and devices?
How do I sign up for Namecheap Logo Maker?
Are there any additional costs involved in using Namecheap Logo Maker?
Can I adjust the color scheme of my logo in Namecheap Logo Maker?
What kind of support does Namecheap Logo Maker provide?
How user-friendly is Namecheap Logo Maker's design wizard?
Can I view my saved logos on Namecheap Logo Maker?
Does Namecheap Logo Maker provide any logo design inspirations?
What is the process of creating a custom logo design on Namecheap Logo Maker?
How does the AI-driven infinite logo combinations feature of Namecheap Logo Maker work?
Can I share my logos created with Namecheap Logo Maker on social media?

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