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Actionable growth insights.
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Narrative BI is an augmented analytics platform designed for growth teams. It automatically generates data insights in natural language, making it easier for teams to take action based on their data.

The platform integrates with popular tools such as Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and HubSpot, allowing users to transform complex data into easy-to-understand information.For marketing teams, Narrative BI provides personalized insights to improve day-to-day activities.

It also offers solutions for agencies, helping them make data-driven decisions for their clients with personalized and actionable insights. For product teams, the platform enables a comprehensive understanding of users and provides data insights from multiple sources.

Sales teams can leverage augmented analytics to close more deals from day one.The platform offers various features to enhance data analysis and collaboration.

Users can receive Slack notifications to monitor key metrics directly in Slack and benefit from generative AI for automating marketing insights. Narrative BI also provides anomaly detection, scheduled reports, and in-narrative collaboration.

The tool offers integrations with different data sources, allowing users to connect them easily and start using Narrative BI without the need for coding.Overall, Narrative BI aims to turn raw data into actionable narratives, provide transparency and ease of use through natural language generation, and facilitate collaboration among team members.

With its AI-generated insights, it helps growth teams make informed decisions and drive business growth.


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Pros and Cons


Automatically generates data insights
Natural language insights
Integrates with popular tools
Personalized insights for marketing
Data-driven decisions for agencies
Provides comprehensive user understanding
Augmented analytics for sales
Slack notifications for metrics
Anomaly detection feature
Scheduled reporting system
In-narrative collaboration
Ease of integration with data sources
No coding requirement
Multiple data source compatibility
Actionable insights transformation
Transparency in insights
Facilitates team collaboration
Google Analytics 4 compatibility
Google Ads integration
Facebook Ads integration
Automated Facebook Ads reporting
HubSpot integration
Salesforce integration soon
Automated marketing insights
Notifications for key metrics in Slack
Automated reports via email or Slack
Notification for unusual data patterns
All metrics under one roof
Insights in English language
24/7 anomaly detection
Team mentions within insight
Insights within Slack
Two-clicks data source connection
Feed of personalized narratives
Comprehensive revenue pipeline overview


Not real-time analysis
No mobile app
Limited 3rd-party integration
No Salesforce integration yet
No HubSpot integration yet
Insights mainly in English
No API for customization
Poor small data performance
Limited metrics customization
No distributed data processing


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Can Narrative BI provide insights through natural language generation?
Does Narrative BI support scheduled reports?
How does Narrative BI facilitate team collaboration?

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