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Self-serve platform for data analysis and visualization.
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NativeBI is a self-service business intelligence platform designed to empower business leaders by providing them with the ability to visualize, study, and analyze their organization's data in one central location.

The platform offers interactive dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) for efficient data exploration. With NativeBI, users can build fully customized and powerful dashboards using interactive built-in charts and KPIs within minutes.

The tool simplifies data consolidation by combining internal and external data sources, allowing users to analyze these sources as a single entity. The platform also emphasizes data visualization, providing responsive and interactive dashboards that enable users to uncover hidden insights.

Additionally, NativeBI offers chat functionality powered by the ChatGPT model, enabling ad-hoc analysis using natural language.Collaboration features allow users to securely share dashboards and reports with their team, fostering coordination and informed decision-making.

NativeBI integrates seamlessly with various data sources, such as relational databases, spreadsheets, REST APIs, and cloud data sources. Its smart data extraction engine ensures up-to-date data exploration.

The tool supports unlimited viewers, enabling organizations to share dashboards and reports with an unlimited number of users at no extra cost. NativeBI offers flexible subscription plans suitable for different company sizes and is open to discussing customized plans and on-premise deployments.Ultimately, NativeBI aims to simplify complex data and transform it into actionable insights, making every user a power analyst.


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