Automated workflow analysis.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that allows users to automate their workflows by means of describing their processes in plain text. The tool is suitable for various types of workflows, including IT, software development, marketing, sales, employee onboarding and offboarding, SOP, incident management, user support workflow, hardware management, checklists, troubleshooting customer issues, release process, new developer onboarding, setup new environment, get approvals and publish a blog post on multiple platforms, send a customer survey, make changes to a company website, lead management, automating email marketing, user engagement workflows, send personalized messages to leads, create checklists, automate messaging, integration with in-house systems, and writing your own automation code in TypeScript.Users can then share their workflows with others through a link and receive insights into how often the steps are executed and how much time each step takes, helping them identify bottlenecks in their business processes.

The tool can automate simple workflows directly using AI, after which it is reviewed by engineers for correctness. More complicated steps can be automated by partners.

Additionally, those who are technically inclined can use the AI-assisted automation suggests automation only for the steps that will offer a 10x return on investment.

The tool can help users optimize their business processes even before the workflows are automated. Overall, is an efficient and user-friendly tool that streamlines workflow processes.

Nekton was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates workflows
Plain text descriptions
Workflow sharing via link
Workflow analytics
Time taken and execution frequency
Bottleneck identification
Post-automation engineer review
Supports complicated steps
Suitable for various workflows
TypeScript automation code
10x ROI suggestion
Optimize before automation
User-friendly tool
Integration with in-house systems
Helps set up new environments
New developer onboarding
Automated release process
Automated checklists
Lead management
Automated email marketing
Automated personalized messaging
User engagement workflow
Automated website changes
User community support
Workflow import feature
Incorporates form inputs
Automated customer survey


Limited to text-based workflows
Reliant on engineers' review
Complex steps require partners
Only supports TypeScript coding
No immediate full automation
ROI-based automation suggestion
Automation approval not specified
No offline functionality
Implicit user data share


What is
What types of workflows can be automated with
How does use plain text to automate workflows?
How can I share my workflows with others using
How does identify bottlenecks in my workspace?
Can integrate with my in-house systems?
How can I write my own automation code in
How does ensure the correctness of automated workflows?
Is it possible to optimize business processes with before automation?
What is the return on investment when using
Does interfere with marketing or sales workflows?
Can aid in new developer onboarding?
How are customer surveys and email marketing automated with
Can checklists be automated with
What kind of steps will be automated by's partners?
Can I get insights into how often workflows are executed using
How efficient is in time management for each step in a workflow?
Can help with automating the user engagement workflow?
How does help in managing leads automatically?
Can changes to the company's website be automated using

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