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Rapid data analysis and insights for executives.
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NeoAnalyst is an AI data analysis platform specifically designed for business leaders. It offers instant data analysis capabilities without the need for coding or data science knowledge.

The platform provides hundreds of pre-built models for exploratory and statistical analysis, allowing users to gain insights without extensive manual preparation or mapping of data.

NeoAnalyst also recommends instant analysis queries to assist users in getting started with their analysis.One of the key features of NeoAnalyst is its ability to build context on any dataset without the need for extensive user instructions or manual mapping.

The platform offers 25 pre-built AI analysis queries that users can utilize or allows them to ask their own custom analysis queries. NeoAnalyst enables business leaders to leverage predictive analytics and generate instant insights, such as forecasting sales, understanding customer behavior, analyzing cashflow, and exploring product pricing strategies.

The analysis results are visualized using easy-to-understand charts, providing detailed insights for informed decision-making.Additionally, NeoAnalyst offers tailored recommendations that users can implement or use to generate new ideas.

These recommendations can be integrated into the decision-making workflow to automate tasks. The platform caters to revenue leaders, business operators, and data analysts who appreciate the efficiency and clarity it brings to data analysis.NeoAnalyst offers different pricing plans to cater to varying needs and budgets, ranging from a free plan for individuals to paid plans for professionals and businesses.

The platform can also be tailored and deployed on the user's own cloud infrastructure.


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