Video generation 12 Jul 2023
neural frames
Generated video creation from text.

Generated by ChatGPT

Neural Frames is an AI-driven tool for creating video clips from text prompts. It uses a generative AI called Stable Diffusion, which has been trained on 2.3 billion images, to produce stunning visuals with no need to code.

The tool is easy to use - simply type in a text prompt and the neural network will do the rest. Neural Frames was created by a physicist, who made sure to keep the cost low - just 7€ to generate 1000 frames.

The tool is inspired by Deforum and Lexica, two other AI-driven tools, and users can find inspiration on prompts from Lexica. The tool was built with user feedback in mind, and the creator encourages users to contact them with suggestions.

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freel ancinc
· Aug 29, 2023
Need a lot of work.
Luis Antonio Lanetti
· Jul 24, 2023
6 seconds of video generation per month for free accounts

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Pros and Cons


Generates from text prompts
No coding required
Trained on 2.3 billion images
Cost-effective (7€/1000 frames)
User feedback-driven development
Own image upload
Prompt inspiration from Lexica
Built by physicist
Easy to use


No stated API access
Limited customizability
Limited image library access
No clear offline availability
Not open-source
No batch processing mentioned
No collaboration features
Reliant on text prompts
User interface info unclear
Restricted to frame-based pricing


What is Neural Frames?
How does Neural Frames work?
What is the technology behind Neural Frames?
How much does it cost to generate a video on Neural Frames?
Who created Neural Frames and what is their background?
Can I provide my own images for the video generation in Neural Frames?
Where can I see samples of videos created using Neural Frames?
What is Stable Diffusion and how is it related to Neural Frames?
How can I suggest improvements for Neural Frames?
What are Deforum and Lexica, and how are they connected to Neural Frames?
How user-friendly is Neural Frames?
What kind of content can I create using Neural Frames?
What is the quality of the videos generated by Neural Frames?
Does Neural Frames have a user feedback option?
Is there a demo video I can watch to understand how Neural Frames works?
What kind of text prompts can I use in Neural Frames?
Does Neural Frames require any coding knowledge to use?
How many images has Neural Frames been trained on?
Can I run Neural Frames without enabling JavaScript?
What inspired the creation of Neural Frames?

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