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Generated digital illustrations for storytelling.
Generated by ChatGPT

Neural Canvas is an AI powered Digital Illustration Generator Service that enables users to create unique illustrations for their comic, blogpost, e-book, story, collections, and more.

Users can pick from 100+ different styles and moods for their story, allowing them to express their creativity with the support of AI. After payment, Neural Canvas will generate 1 e-book and 1 illustration per sentence, for a total of 100 illustrations.

It will also generate a movie of the story. With AI, results can vary, so it is important to follow the guidelines for best results. Users can also choose from popular styles such as cybertronic, sticker illustration, tattoo design, cave painting, and more.

Neural Canvas is a great platform for those who want to become an AI writer and publish their first e-book. It is also great for those who want to transform their story into a comic, blogpost, e-book, graphic novel, and more.


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Aug 29, 2023
Extremely basic and they have the audacity to take the money to churn out some substandard output
Jun 1, 2023
It doesn't really generate comics, and the art is not that great. But it's pretty neat regardless. I expect it will improve.

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Pros and Cons


Generates digital illustrations
Highly customizable styles
Variety of moods
Suitable for various content
Produces e-books
Creates illustrative movies
Offers popular styles
Transforms text into comics
Automated process
Option for HD or 4K
Fast turnaround time
User-friendly platform
Data is auto-deleted after 24 hours
Generates 100 illustrations per story
Supports a range of styles
Accepts story input
Variety of moods selection
Payment per project not subscription
Can emulate various artistic styles
Supports wide range of mediums
Also generates texts for stories
Story data erased within 24hrs
Affordable pricing
Seamless checkout process
Also generates3D renders
Provides implementation guidelines
Produces commercial style illustrations
Offers cybertronic style illustrations
Illustrations for blog posts
Can emulate iconic TV show styles
Can generate origami style illustrations
Generates botanical style illustrations
Developed on stable diffusion technology
Targets individual sentences for illustration
Illustrations for graphic novels
Unique implementations like 'ghastly mood'
Ability to express creativity
Allows user to pick moods
Guided comic creation process
Ideal for first time writers
Wide range of usage scenarios
Ideal for creating collection of images
Professional corporate portrait style illustrations
Automatically generates illustrations from input


3 hours turnaround time
Cannot control character consistency
Potential artefacts and defects
User content deleted after 24hours
4K Definition not available
Limited to 100 illustrations
Cannot specify individual illustration mood/style
One time use, no subscription
Doesn't support real-time updates

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