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Data analysis for product analytics visualization.
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Neuralmind is an AI-powered product analytics tool that allows you to embed its functionality into your software, enabling your customers to query their data in English.

By integrating, you can provide your customers with key product insights, presented in tables and charts, that are specific to their account.

This tool allows you to enhance your customers' analytics experience and differentiate your business in the AI offers a range of features designed to empower your customers.

It enables them to ask questions in natural language and obtain relevant data insights. For example, they can inquire about the top revenue-generating countries or compare revenue between different regions.

The tool also supports advanced functionalities such as querying revenue by gender.To ensure data privacy, Neuralmind emphasizes protection of user data and does not use it to train third-party models.

Additionally, it only performs read queries and uses its own data warehouse for analytics without altering or updating your database. The platform prioritizes data security and is working towards industry-standard certifications, such as SOC2.Neuralmind's AI model is engineered to scale efficiently, capable of managing inquiries from multiple sources concurrently without strict limitations on the number of responses it can provide.By incorporating Neuralmind into your software, you can unlock a new revenue stream for your business.

The tool offers an early access program, allowing you to try it for free without requiring credit card information. To further explore the capabilities of Neuralmind, you can book a demo with their team.


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