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Preserved original meaning while rewriting text.
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NeuralWriter is a free online paraphrasing tool called "Paraphrasing tool." It offers a diff checker feature to easily rewrite articles, essays, rephrase sentences, and reword paragraphs in multiple languages.

The tool aims to convey the same meaning of a text in different words without losing its essence. This can be especially useful for students who need to paraphrase texts while maintaining the original meaning.

The tool operates in three specific AI modes and supports over 27 languages, making it a versatile option for users worldwide. It boasts a character limit of up to 10,000 and performs a uniqueness check to ensure the paraphrased text remains distinct.

NeuralWriter claims to go beyond the conventional word change or synonym replacement method commonly used by paraphrasing tools. It leverages modern AI technologies to work with texts of any complexity, generating content that closely resembles human rewriting.

Users can accurately preserve the initial meaning of their text while potentially enriching it through the paraphrasing process. NeuralWriter provides a multilingual rewriting option, catering to various languages, including English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and many more.

The paraphrasing tool is free to use without any registration required, offering an alternative to paid versions that often deliver inferior results. NeuralWriter positions itself as the best online paraphrasing tool currently available, leveraging advanced AI-based technologies to offer enhanced capabilities compared to similar tools.

Users can access the website, input their text, and click the "Paraphrase now" button to receive the paraphrased text with visible word replacements.


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