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Space Traffic Management, Collisions Averted.
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Smarter Space Traffic Management by Neuraspace is an AI/ML solution that aims to streamline space operations and mitigate collision risks for satellite operators.

With the increasing number of satellite constellations in low earth orbit, the tool addresses the challenge of managing growing fleets efficiently and effectively.Traditionally, collision avoidance requires significant time and manpower to protect numerous satellites.

Neuraspace offers a scalable solution that automates risk assessment and provides maneuver suggestions up to six days in advance of potential conjunctions.The tool reduces the number of alerts generated, allowing operators to focus on critical alerts and reducing the need for human follow-up.

It also detects high-risk collisions earlier, providing operators with more time to maneuver and avoid potential disruptions to their services.Compared to current manual methods, which are becoming unsustainable for operators with hundreds of fleet satellites, Neuraspace's AI/ML solution improves efficiency.

It significantly reduces the time required to resolve verified close encounters and enables operators to evaluate and choose from a shortlist of suggested maneuvers within minutes.By leveraging AI technology, Neuraspace empowers satellite operators to protect their growing fleets, minimize service disruptions, avoid collisions, and reduce liability.

The tool is designed to support small teams in handling collision alerts and optimizing space operations, ultimately saving fuel and costs.In addition to satellite operators, the tool also benefits insurance carriers by providing accurate and up-to-date statistics for risk pricing and regulators by supplying vital information to ensure space safety compliance.

Neuraspace collaborates with leading AI and machine learning research centers, as well as notable industrial firms and organizations in the space sector, ensuring robustness and reliability in its solution.


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Neuraspace was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines space operations
Automates risk assessment
Provides maneuver suggestions
Mitigates collision risks
Reduces number of alerts
Early high-risk collision detection
Minimizes service disruptions
Reduces liability
Supports small teams
Saves fuel and costs
Beneficial for insurance carriers
Provides risk pricing statistics
Supplies space safety compliance info
Collaborates with industrial space firms
Efficiently manages growing fleets
Resolves close encounters quickly
Economizes evaluation of maneuvers
Suggests variety of maneuvers
User-friendly demo and pilot testing
Scalable decision-making tools
Designed for varying fleet sizes
Helps optimize space operations
Minimises unnecessary manoeuvres
Informative for regulatory bodies
Backed by ongoing research
Reliable and scalable solution


Doesn't provide real-time solutions
Limited to six days forecast
Doesn't support all satellite types
Doesn't provide complete automation
No mention of cybersecurity measures
Lacks integration with other traffic systems
Limited to selecting from shortlist manoeuvers
Recommended manoeuvers feature not yet operational
Testing phase requires 3 months commitment


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How does Neuraspace predict potential conjunctions?
Can Neuraspace detect high-risk collisions earlier than other methods?
How can Neuraspace support small teams in handling collision alerts?
How does Neuraspace's AI/ML tool enable operators to evaluate and choose maneuvers within minutes?
How does Neuraspace contribute to space safety compliance?
Can Neuraspace support operators with hundreds of fleet satellites?
What type of statistics can Neuraspace provide for risk pricing for insurance carriers?
What is the procedure to book a demo of Neuraspace?
What partnerships does Neuraspace have in the space sector?
What is the procedure to run a pilot of Neuraspace?
How does Neuraspace support operators in optimizing space operations?
How can Neuraspace's tool help save fuel and costs in space operations?
How can Neuraspace's AI/ML tool help reduce liability?
How does using Neuraspace affect the time required to resolve verified close encounters?
How does Neuraspace streamline operations for satellite operators?
Does Neuraspace provide a scalable solution for space traffic management?

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