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Home design and shopping assistant.
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NewRoom is a free AI-powered home design tool that allows users to design, furnish, and shop for their perfect room. With NewRoom, users can easily create their dream space without the need for designers or consultants.

The tool offers a wide selection of furniture and accessories, all of which can be instantly purchased on Amazon.Using NewRoom is simple and intuitive.

Users can upload a photo of their room, choose their furniture budget, and select from over 20 design styles. The AI interior designer then brings the user's dream room to life, providing a visual representation of the desired space.

Users can conveniently shop for the furniture and accessories needed to complete their vision directly on Amazon.In addition to designing and shopping, NewRoom also features an inspiration section where users can discover designs created by others in the NewRoom community.

This allows users to explore different design styles and gain inspiration for their own projects.Overall, NewRoom offers a hassle-free and convenient solution for designing and furnishing a room.

By leveraging AI technology, users can easily visualize and create their dream space, while seamlessly shopping for the furniture and accessories they need to bring that vision to life.


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